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Surfing in Pernambuco

Pernambuco is a state located on the northeast of Brazil. This area is known for having beautiful tropical beaches full of culture and vibrant colors. With 70km of shoreline the state of Pernambuco has a good variety of beach and reef breaks scattered around the coast. The main attractions are definitely the perfect and mechanical reef breaks that work better on offshore days. The best surf spots used to be around Recife but after the construction of a massive harbour in Boca de Suape the local ecosystem got unbalanced and some shark attacks started to happen especially among surfers. Fearing a setback in touristic activities the local authorities blamed the events exclusively on surfers and banned surfing from many beaches along the coast of Pernambuco. Gaibu Peninsula is one of the few places where surfing is allowed and no attacks have happened for many years now showing that maybe the ecosystem is recovering from the irresponsible coastal development that happened in this area.


Best surf spots in Pernambuco

The best and most famous surf spots are Cupe, Porto de Galinhas, Peninsula de Gaibu, Maracaipe and Serrambi.


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