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Surfing in Oriente Salvaje

El Salvador is famous for the amazing right hander point breaks that are scattered along the coast. The focus of most surfers was always placed in the western coast of the country but the recently discovered at Oriente Salvaje is drawing more and more attention of travelers looking for new waves and experiences in El Salvador. Because of the high rate of violence in the country the best way to visit El Salvador is still using local operators that will keep you out of trouble and allow you to enjoy your surf trip to the max.


Best surf spots in Oriente Salvaje

The best surf spots are El Cuco, El Espino, El Majague, La Vaca, La Ventana, Las Flores, Las Tunas, Lucky Mans, Punta Mango and Toro de Oro.


Check surf pictures of Oriente Salvaje at #surfelsalvador.

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