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Surfing in Okinawa

Okinawa is located in the southern part of Japan and comprises 161 islands. This area is known for the tropical climate, long beaches and beautiful coral reef formation. The strategic position in between the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea allows Okinawa to receive swell from multiple sides creating a vast amount of set ups and waves. Besides that the chain of islands is sitting right in the center of the typhoon alley which guarantees lots of epic days during the typhoon season. Most of the surf spots are reef breaks that work better on mid to high tide but advanced surfers that feel comfortable to surf on top of shallow reefs can also take their chances on the low tide in order to avoid the crowds. Although Okinawa has been consistently surfed for many years, that is still space for exploration and finding new waves on the outer reefs of the islands.


Best surf spots in Okinawa

The best surf spots in Okinawa are Sunabe Seawall, Maeda and Aha Point.

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