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Surfing in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is located on the east coast of Canada. This area is connected to the mainland by a thin stretch of land and has amazing shorelines, headlands and beaches where world class waves can be found for both advanced and beginners surfers. There are few crowds around and the locals are known for being friendly inside and outside of the water. The best time of the year to surf in Nova Scotia is during the winter when the swells are more reliable and wave size is bigger, but there are still waves throughout the whole year. 


Best surf spots in Nova Scotia

The best surf spots in Nova Scotia are Broad Cove, Caldwells Cove, Cherry Hill, Clam Harbour Beach, Cow Bay, Gullivers Cove, Lawrencetown, Martinique Beach, Mavillette Beach, Point Michaud, Sandy Cove Beach, Summerville, Western Head and White Point.


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