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Surfing in Northern California

Northern California is located on the northwest coast of the US and is known for having a rugged coast that can produce some solid waves. The most famous surf spot in this area is Mavericks, the big wave arena that attracts everybody's attention when it breaks. Besides monster waves and lots of sharks, the Northern Californian coast offers lots of pointbreaks and reefs with difficult access and fickle. The good news is that excluding the surf spot near the big cities the rest of the breaks are pretty much empty. The best time of the year to surf in this area is from autumn to spring when big and reliable swells reach the coast. Northern California may not be the best option for surfing but still has some awesome surf for those who are passing by this area.


Best surf spots in Northern California

The best and most famous surf spots are Ocean Beach, Salmon Creek, Mavericks, South Beach, Virgin Creek and Chadbourne Gulch.


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