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Surfing in North Male Atolls

Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is known as a heaven on the earth for surfers and tourists. There are plenty of surf breaks scattered all over the more than 1,200 islands of the archipelago and lots of them are world class waves. The Maldives is divided into many atolls that comprise a lot of islands. The Northern Atolls are composed by the North Male and South Male Atoll but the northern one is the one that has the most famous surf spots like Coke’s, Pasta Point Kandooma and Lohi’s. The best time to surf in the North Atolls of Male is during spring and summer.


Best surf spots in North Male Atolls

The best surf spots are Chickens, Coke’s, Furana, Honky’s, Jailbreaks, Kadu, Kandooma, Lohi’s, Male, Ninja’s, Pasta Point, Sultans and Tholhendoo.


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