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Surfing in Luanda and Bengo

Your best chance of finding the best surf spots in Angola is around the area of Luanda in the months from March to October. In general the population is very welcoming, especially outside Luanda and the area has multiple high quality waves up and down the coast Try to avoid the period from March to April as these are the wettest months of the year and the biggest swells usually arrive in between July and October.  Although average water temperatures are around 20° C, if you go visit Luanda around July to October you might need a short wetsuit or even a vest since the water temperature can drop to 18°C. You also should bring all your surf equipment from home since it's very hard to acquire quality equipment in Angola.


Best surf spots in Luanda and Bengo

Luanda has a lot of waves to offer but in order to explore the area you will need to rent a 4×4 to search the best surf spots up and down the coast. Here are some spots that you should definitely check out: Cabo Ledo, Ambritz Beach, Barra do Kwanza, Buraco and Shipwreck.


Check surf pictures of Luanda and Bengo at #surfcaboledo.


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