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Surfing in Lofoten

Lofoten is a chain of islands located in the north of Norway. The archipelago is famous for the dramatic scenery that includes huge mountains close to a vast open sea and sheltered bays. 

Surfing in Lofoten became popular when the 3x world champion, Mick Fanning, went there to surf while the northern light lit up the sky. Nowadays when the waves are firing it’s normal to see a small crowd in the water composed by locals, visitors and pro surfers. The climate conditions in Lofoten are far from ideal. The weather is usually cold, windy, snowy, rainy and during the surf season there is only a few hours of daylight. The best time to surf in Lofoten is during the wintertime when the swells are more consistent and wave size is bigger. 


Best surf spots in Lofoten

The best surf spots in Lofoten are Unstad, Ducks, Log Camping, Seines, Storvika and Persfjord.


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