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Surfing in La Côte Basque

The Côte Basque is located in the west of France in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department. This area is known for having decent surf conditions and diverse kinds of surf breaks. There are protected headlands, coves, jetties, reefs and slabs as well as exposed beach breaks along the coastline of the Cote Basque which means that no matter what the swell forecast is there is always a surf spot working. This area is also known as a famous big wave venue in Europe and during the wintertime there are massive waves breaking at the bombora reef Belharra and at Avalanche in Guethary. A dedicated local crew never misses the opportunity to charge the bombs on the biggest days and they usually prefer to  paddle instead of towing in. The Cote Basque has consistent swells making it a great year round destination for those who want to surf in France.


Best surf spots in La Côte Basque

The best surf spots are Belharra Perdun, Bidart, Ciboure Socoa, Erretegia, Erromardie, Guethary, Hendaye Plage, Les Alcyons, Parlementia and Sainte-Barbe. 


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