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Surfing in Huvadhoo Atolls

The Huvadhoo Atolls is usually referred as the Southern Atolls due to its location on the south tip of the Maldives. This is the most remote part of the archipelago and has perfect and uncrowded surf spots like Beacons, Castaways and Tiger Stripes. These surf spots are more powerful and hollow than the waves of the northern part of the Maldives and are better suited for advanced surfers. The best time to surf at the Huvadhoo Atolls is during summertime when strong south swells are common in the area.


Best surf spots in Huvadhoo Atolls

The best surf spots are Tiger Stripes, Lover Charms, Five Islands, Blue Bowls, Beacons, Viligili and Castaways.


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