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Surfing in Huahine

Huahine is part of the French Polynesia and is located on the Leeward Group of islands together with Raiatea /Tahaa, Maupiti and Bora Bora. The island is famous for having beautiful lagoons and offshore reefs. This is considered as the epicenter of the surf tradition in the French Polynesia so the locals can be very protective. Huahine has lots of high quality reef passes that can fire at anytime of the year. The best time to surf in Huahine is from November to April when favorable northern winds prevail. The biggest swells usually happen in between May to September but this area receive swell throughout the entire year. 


Royal Huahine features garden, beach, lagoon and deep-overwater bungalows, all facing west towards the islands of Raiatea and Taha’a. Huahine is known for good surf and the consistent and perfect shape of the waves. Two of the best breaks are within a 10-minute boat ride from the resort. Royal Huahine operates a surf shuttle to the breaks at additional cost. The most well-known waves are at Ava Mo’a Pass, also known as Fare Righ, and at the pass opposite Fitii. In the south, Parea is the place for surfing.


Best surf spots in Huahine

The best surf spots in the area are Ava Mo’a Pass, Fare Right and Left and Parea.


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