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Surfing in Gironde

Gironde is located in southwest France and it's a beautiful area surrounded by vineyards and wine cellars. This french department is named after the wide River Gironde, that divides the rocky shores of northern France from the long sandy beaches of the south. These 230km of beach have the best beach breaks in Europe and maybe in the world. The most famous surf spot in Gironde is the renowned Lacanau that has been an international contest venue since 1979. The long beaches help to spread the crowds that tend to stay near the towns and car parks, so a walk down the beach could be a good ideal if you prefer to surf by yourself.


Best surf spots in Gironde

The best surf spots are Bobby’s, Carcans, Grand Crohot, L’Oranger, Lacanau, Super Sud, La Cimetière, Le Pelican Mort, Le Petit Train and Le Pin Sec.

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