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Surfing in Galicia

Galicia is located at the far west of the Atlantic coast of Spain and has a lot of surf spots facing multiple directions that can produce high quality waves. Another aspect of the area is the large swell window that can capture waves from W or even SW creating consistent surf conditions at any time of the year. Galicia is known for having low crowds even around the main coastal cities. The water can be a bit colder than the rest of the coast due to the proximity of the southward-flowing Canary Current that cools down the water but the quality of the waves and the low crowds compensates making Galicia a outstanding surf destination in Spain.


Best surf spots in Galicia

The best surf spots are Playa de Razo, Malpica, Patos, Playa do Matadeiro, Playa de Muinos, Santa Maria de Oia, Playa Gandario and Praia America.


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