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Surfing in Durban

Durban is located in the eastern coast of South Africa and is the main surfing center in the country due to the great amount of surfers and quality waves in the surroundings of the city. This small town has some big names in the surfing world like top pro surfer Jordy Smith and the big rider Grant Baker. When south swells wrap around the Bluff Peninsula the piers and groynes from the south generate good point breaks that are perfect for advanced surfers. The beach breaks of the northern beaches are better suited for beginners. Durban is one of the safest places to surf in South Africa since the area has shark nets that prevent them to come closer to the shore. Since 1962 there are no attacks registered in Durban which means that sharks are not a concern in this part of South Africa.


Best surf spots in Durban

The best and most famous surf spots are Cave Rock, North Beach, Addington Beach, uShaka Beach, La Lucia and Brighton Beach.


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