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Surfing in County Clare

County Clare is located on the west coast of Ireland and has lots of reef and point breaks facing west with good exposure to lots of swell directions. The prevailing winds are usually onshore but when they swing to east the whole coast comes alive and some world class waves can be found. The best surfing area in the county is around Lahinch where you can find one of the few sandy beaches in the region that is perfect for beginners and some deep bays that offer good protection against the wind and bigger swells. The best time of the year to surf in this area is from August to October when solid swells are starting to arrive and the weather is still pleasant. Summer can be also good, particularly if there is a high pressure system in the surroundings of the county.


Best surf spots in County Clare

The best surf spots in County Clare are Crab Island, Doolin point, Moy Beach, Lahinch Beach, Cornish Left and Shit Creek.


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