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Surfing in Central Morocco

Morocco is known for having amazing surf spots scattered all over the coast of the country. The Moroquian central coast is very rugged, full of headlands that allow a large variety of setups and waves. The best surf spots are located in between El Jadida to the south and Safi in the north. Another area that is worth taking a look at is the stretch of coast from Essaouira and Cap Rhir where good quality reef and beach breaks can be found. Imsouane is also a famous surf town that benefits from good exposure to the northwestern swells. The best time of the year to surf in Central Morocco is during autumn and spring when there are plenty of swell around and finding the right surf spot is just a matter of local knowledge to choose a spotĀ  sheltered from the wind.



Best surf spots in Central Morocco

The best surf spots are Boilers, Essaouira Beach, Sidi Kaouki, Bizergane, El Jadida, Imsouane and Safi Beach.


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