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Surfing in Central California

California is a famous surfing destination known for having a strong beach culture and some amazing surf spots scattered along the coast. The Central coast of the state has a beautiful green rugged coastline and is home for one of the most legendary surf towns in the world, Santa Cruz. Located on the top of Monterey Bay Santa Cruz has great surf spots like Steamer Lane, Cowell’s and Pleasure Point that can suit any kind of surfer and ability. There are good and consistent waves throughout the whole year but the best time of the year to surf is from November to February when solid W-NW swells constantly reach the west coast of the US. Central and Northern California are famous cold water destinations and you will need a wetsuit to surf at any time of the year.


Best surf spots in Central California

The best and most famous surf spots are Steamer Lane, Cowell’s, Pleasure Point and Four Mile.


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