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Surfing in Catanduanes

Catanduanes is located in the Philippines just south of Luzon and is the 12th largest island in the country. The island has beautiful white sand beaches and offers good exposure to NE typhoon swells. In 1988 the surf spot of Majestic located on the west coast of Catanduanes got famous after being featured in a famous surf magazine which brought a lot of attention to the Philippines as a potential new surf destination. Majestic proved to be less perfect and consistent than the magazine article reported but it led to the discover of other surf spots putting Catanduanes and the Philippines on the radar of the international surf community.



Best surf spots in Cataduanes

The best surf spots are Gupta Sorsogon, Puraran Majestic and Virac Harbour.


Check surf pictures of Cataduanes at #puraranmajestic.

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