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Surfing in Bermuda

Bermuda is a british overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean that consists of 181 beautiful subtropical islands. Bermuda is known for having an easy-going lifestyle that attracts many tourists every year. Most of them are looking for the crystal clear waters, the stunning pink sand beaches or the famous golf-courses, but what most people don’t know is the existence of quality surf breaks scattered around the coastline. Good reef formations and gentle winds conspire to make Bermuda an enjoyable surf destination that offers good waves for all kinds of surfers, from beginners to advanced. The most consistent surf spots are located on the main island and work better during the hurricane season that goes from August to November. The south shore has waves all year round and the north shore works better during winter time. Some of the breaks on the north coast require a boat since the waves are located far away from the coast. Now that you know where to surf in Bermuda, let your surfer spirit carry you own and enjoy this amazing and beautiful place.


Climate in Bermuda 

The climate in Bermuda is subtropical and it’s influenced by the Gulf Stream. Temperatures are mild in the winter, spring and autumn, but from late May to October, can be very warm with high humidity. The hottest months are from May through mid-October when average temperatures are around 26°C (80°F). There is plenty of rainfall that occurs evenly throughout the year. The least rainy months are April and May, while the rainiest month is October.  Usually the rain comes in the form of short and intense showers and thunderstorms, which happens in the evening and do not affect much the amount of sunshine. Winter is from November to March and average temperatures are around 19 °C (59°F). The best time to surf in Bermuda is during the hurricane season that goes from August to October. If you see a promising hurricane forming on the surf-forecast, pack your bags and jump on a flight, because Bermuda’s south coast will be pumping. The north coast gets clean swells in the wintertime as well. Just be careful and avoid category five hurricanes heading to the archipelago.



Best surf spots in Bermuda

The best surf spots in the archipelago of Bermuda are located on the main island. Here are some of the best and most famous surf spots: Sonesta, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Hamilton, Hungry Bay, Southlands and Tuckers.



Budget Planning

Meal price range

Simple meals start at $10 USD. Mid-range meals start at $40 USD. Dining & drinking at high-end restaurants can cost anywhere from $60-90 USD


Equipment rental

There is one place where you can rent gear from. 


Prepaid SIM cards

One is a good choice.

SIM cards can be purchased from One local stores and other retails on the islands.


Prepaid packages start at $20 USD.


Public transport

Buses and ferries cover the island all year long since this is how most locals get around.

Taxis provide reliable transportation. All taxis are metered at government-set rates. For a 1- to 4-passenger taxi the fare is $7.90 USD for the first mile and $2.75 USD for each additional mile. Fares are 25% higher between midnight and 6am.

Rent a scooter starting at $41 USD a day.

Rent a bicycle $27 USD a day.

Tourists are not allowed to rent cars in Bermuda.

Gas prices  

$1.81 USD a liter.  


Types of risks



How to prepare


Citizens from 110 countries, including EU, US, and Australia, can enter Bermuda without a visa for up to 21 days.



Although it's not mandatory, it’s recommended that you have been vaccinated for hepatitis A & B, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, Tdap, chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, influenza, measles, mumps and rubella.


Things to know


Language & Currency

The official language is English.


The currency is the Bermudian dollar.


Best time to go

The best time to surf in Bermuda is during the hurricane season that goes from August to October.


Checking Surf forecast 

Checking the forecast about a week before your trip is always a good idea. Understanding what the waves will be like and knowing what gear to pack is essential. You can check the forecast for the waves here.


Do I need pack a pharmacy kit

You should bring a basic kit. Including ear drops, eye drops, bandaids, ear plugs, gaze, alcohol, mosquito repellent and broad spectrum antibiotic ointment.


Travel/Surf Insurance

World Nomads has great travel insurance packages that are not super expensive and they cover surfing.



Dial 911



Check surf pictures of Bermuda at #surfingbermuda

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