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Surfing in Basque Country

The Basque Country is located on the east part of the northern coast of Spain and has a good variety of surf spots from perfect reef breaks to big wave venues and the world class rivermouth of Mundaka which is probably the best wave in Spain and maybe in Europe. With consistent swells all year round the Basque Country is suitable for all kinds of surfers, from beginners to experts. Fun beach breaks like Sopelana Beach are the best option during summer for beginners while the big wave of Menakoz is an expert only surf spot. The Basque Country is definitely the most popular surfing area in Spain and the coastal cities in this area have lots of surf shops and pubs where the conversations are usually about how the waves were and what the forecast is for the next few days.


Best surf spots in Basque Country

The best surf spots are Mundaka, Menakoz, Sopelana, Barinatxe, Bakio and Zarautz.


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