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Surfing in Arica

Arica is a port city in the north of Chile, known for having some perfect but gnarly reef breaks. Most of the fame of Arica comes from 4 surf spots located in the Alacrán Peninsula that stand out. El Gringo is the most famous one of them due to its heavy cylinders that break for both sides. Arica has been surfed first by Peruvians and southern Chilean surfers in the late 70s but only recently the area fell in the spotlight of the surfing international community. Since then many surf contests have taken place in the area upgrading Arica as one of the most important surf destinations in Chile. Besides surfing, Arica has beautiful sand dunes, duty-free shopping and a vibrant nightlife that attracts lots of tourists to the area.


Best surf spots in Arica

The best and most famous surf spots are EL Gringo, El Buey, El Tojo Viejo, El Tubo, Las Machas, Arenillas Negras and El Puerto.


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