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Surfing in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is located on the southeast coast of India and has a rugged coastline that provides good quality waves. The main surfing area is located around the city of Visakhapatnam, or Vizag as it’s usually called. The most popular surf spot in Vizag is located at Lawson Bay. This is where hundreds of fishing boats make their way out to the sea and on the way back surf long mellow waves all the way to the shores. Andhra Pradesh is not a tourist destination and the boats are usually the only crowd you will find in these waters,

Best surf spots in Andhra Pradesh

The best surf spots are Chintapalli, Chippada, Harbour Jetties, Jodugullapullam, Lawson Bay, Mangamari, Miukkam, Park Hotel, Rama Krishna Beach, Rutukonda, Sandy Point, Tenneti Park and Yarada.


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