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Surfing in Alentejo and North Algarve

The Alentejo National Park and the north part of the Algarve are one of the most underrated surf areas in Europe. With many high quality surf spots and good consistency all year round the area still remains fairly uncrowded, especially during winter when the biggest swells happen. The coves, bays and reefs create a vast amount of setups that can work in different swells and wind conditions. The best time to surf in the area is from autumn to spring when the swells are frequent and the winds are light.


Best surf spots in Alentejo and North Algarve

The best surf spots are Porto Covo, Praia das Furnas, Zambujeira do Mar, Sines, São Torpes, Praia dos Alteirinhos, Praia do Brejo Largo and Praia do Areão.


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