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Surfing in Alaska

Alaska is located on the northwest of North America just across the Bering Strait. This is the northernmost state of the USA and is famous for having extremely beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife and also some good quality surf breaks. The best part of surfing in Alaska is the lack of crowds. You are more likely to share the lineup with blocks of ice than people and the possibility of surfing virgin waves is still very high. The main surfing area is in Yakutat that is home to the larger number of surfers in the state, Kodiak Island that has a large variety of surf breaks and Sitka. The best time of the year to surf in Alaska is during spring and fall. The most common surf breaks you will find in Alaska are river mouth point breaks with sand or cobblestone bottom. The water temperature is always cold which means that you will need a 5/4 wetsuit, boots, gloves and a hood at any time of the year. 


Best surf spots in Alaska

The best surf spots in Alaska are Cannon Beach, Akbar, Fossil Beach, Good Rats, Kai’s Place, Low Island, Neva Bay, Port Mary, Red Tree Reef, Sandy Beach, Sealion Cove and Shoals Point.


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