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Salinas Teens Surf Camp - Principe de Asturias, Asturias. Surf Camps in Spain


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Salinas Teens Surf Camp is located in Northern Spain just a few meters the center of town and also from the three kilometers of white sand beach with best and safest conditions with a great frequency of waves which guarantees waves all summer. A team of experienced and qualified instructors, certified by the Spanish Surf Federation and have knowledge in first aid and life-saving. They will make sure to provide fun and dynamic learning. We also have a wide range of insurance coverage.


Teens from 12 to 17 years old will have a lot of fun in a safe environment while improving their skills and make new friends. The main activity is Surf, so daily 2 hours of lessons in the morning plus supervised surfing in the afternoon. Besides surfing, there are other activities to do, such as long-skate classes, tennis matches, volleyball and football matches on the beach, talks focused on understanding the sea and first aid, Video correction days, nighttime soirées will also be organized in which we will do all kinds of different activities, Visit the Arnao mine.


Shared rooms for four to ten people with private ensuite bathroom, organised by gender, age. The menus are balanced and nutritional with homemade dishes that they enjoy, there are various starters and main courses for the girls and boys to choose from the desserts are varied, from fruit or yogurt to home-made desserts. Breakfast will be served in the House and other meals will be had in the restaurant next to our house.


The camps are organized during the months of June and July, transfers available for an extra cost from, Aviles, Gijon, and Oviedo to Salinas and Asturia International Airport. All you need to do is to pack, come and have fun!



  • Shared rooms for four, six, eight or ten people
  • Each with their own private en-suite bathroom, and the ten people room has two bathrooms
  • We separate girls and boys by age or gender, or any other criteria, in separate rooms.
  • Free Wifi available


  • Breakfast will be served in the garden or in the lounge on the ground floor.
  • The rest of the meals will be had in the restaurant next to our installations.
  • The food is home-made and there are various starters and main courses for the girls and boys to choose from.
  • The menus will be balanced and nutritional, with dishes that they enjoy.
  • The desserts are varied, from fruit or yogurt to home-made desserts.

Worrying about safety?

  • White sand beach over 3 km 
  • Few meters by foot to the beach
  • Few meters by foot from the city center
  • Experienced and certified by Spanish Surf Federation instructors have knowledge in first aid and life-saving.
  • A wide range of insurance coverage.

Privilege location at Salinas beach

  • Optimum conditions for practicing this sport
  • The greatest frequency of waves in the north of Spain
  • Excellent orientation
  • Waves all summer with generally very good wind conditions.



Our commitment is to guarantee and teach you safety, as we consider it to be an important part of learning to surf. The students are provided with the best materials for the development and are all under the coverage of the civil liability and accident insurance required by the tourism department. We strive to teach our students not only to surf but also how to safely handle the waves independently. They not only have to know how to understand the sea, they have to admire it and respect it. 

Our students would pick up their equipment at our plot, put on their wetsuits in the changing rooms and only have to walk a few meters to get to the sand

Since the camp lasts a few days, we recommend that the duration of the supervised surf class in the afternoon be of less duration and some days it would be good to have a break.


  • Surfing is the main activity and it will be done daily
  • Every day there are surf classes in the morning
  • Supervised surfing in the afternoon
  • The duration of the morning activities is for two hours
  • Twenty minutes warming up and theoretical classes on the shore, talking about positioning, safety
  • All equipment included (surfboards, wetsuits, long-boards, leash, wax)


Other Activities

  • Long-skate classes
  • Tennis matches
  • Volleyball matches on the beach
  • Football matches on the beach
  • Talks focused on understanding the sea: meteorology, the forming of the waves, currents. For a safer practice.
  • First knowledge on first aid and how to respect the environment that surrounds us.
  • Video correction days will be had, which consist in filming the students whilst they surf and later watching the videos to correct their posture and analyze their mistakes. This technique helps a lot to improve in the water.
  • Night time Activities
  • Visit to the Arnao mine



Only 10km far from Asturia International Airport, few meters from the beach and in the center of town.

Privileged location in Northern Spain, Salinas Surf Camp is just a few meters from the beach and the town center, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, bank, all you need on walking distance. Salinas has a wide variety of restaurants and all very close to Alamar, from pizzerias to a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Getting Here


Transfers available


By Plane:

Asturia International Airport 


By Train and Bus

From Aviles, Gijon, and Oviedo to Salinas (20 € per way).


By Car: Address and GPS Coordination available on the booking confirmation


What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Some warm clothes: a sweater or fleece
  • Rain garment: raincoat/water and wind-resistant
  • A Pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes
  • Towels: large for the shower and small for the bathroom
  • Beach towel
  • Swimwear (a couple of them would be good)
  • Flip-flops for the shower/beach
  • Bag for dirty clothes
  • Complete toilet kit
  • Suncream
  • Health insurance card
  • Some money for extra expenses



10 to 17 years old



The camps are organized during the months of June and July (inquire about dates)


6 Days Surf Camp

495 €/ person



  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Full board
  • Surf classes every morning (2h/each day) with equipment and wetsuit included and supervised surfing in the afternoons
  • English and Spanish speakers instructors
  • Visit the Arnao mine
  • The organization of multi-activities (video correction, long-skate, football matches, volleyball, evening parties)
  • Airport transfers, bus station, train station
  • Free Wifi




From Aviles, Gijon, and Oviedo to Salinas (20 € per way).



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