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The 21-meter long cruise boat, Cobia is conceived and built by the skilled Maldivian craftsmen for the Maldivian waters. This beautiful cruiser with its comfortable air-conditioned rooms accommodates a maximum of 9 passengers but for optimal comfort we recommend 8 passengers to have the boat exclusively for just you and your mates. With fewer passengers they provide more privacy and guarantee our full attention at all times.


Its design and size enables it to cut through difficult and shallow waters and meander its way through winding channels between islands a common feature in Maldivian waters. Cobia can anchor at close proximity of the islands making your time on board the cruiser more enjoyable.


There are many places around the globe that surfers would define as paradise and the Maldives is definitely at the top of the list. As a destination for surfing perfect waves over a crystal clear reef in a tropical setting it doesn’t get much better than this. Cobia Surf Boat Charter offers the best qulaity-price charter of the Maldives.


Once you have landed in Male you will be picked up by your hosts and can simply relax and fall into surf adventure mode!




✔ 5 cabins with attached toilets, all with hot and cold water.


On Board Facilities


✔ Deck: Sun Deck with 1/3rd Shade.

✔ Dining: Out Door with two separate tables / Indoor in the Saloon.

✔ Saloon. Bar: Alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

✔ First aid kit. Audio / Video: Hi-Fi System, VCD, DVD, HD.

✔ Cultural shows (on request).


Boat Specifications


  • Year Built: 2005
  • Started Services: 2007.
  • Hull Type: Composite Length: 21m. (LOA).
  • Beam: 7m.
  • Draft: 2.15m.
  • Displacement: 57,780 Kg
  • Cruising Speed: 9 -10 Knots.
  • Power: 245HP Volvo
  • Generators: Onan 20KW, Onan 6.5KW.
  • AC Voltage: 220V DC Voltage: 12V, 24V.
  • Fuel: 1800 Liter
  • Fresh Water: 900 Liter.
  • Desalination plant: 6000 Liter RO System Air Conditioner: with individual controller.
  • Sewage: special antiseptic tanks with Cutter/Grinder pump.
  • Tender / Dingy – 12ft with 40hp ( 6 – 8 surfers comfortably).


Communication / Navigation / Safety


✔ Meets government maritime laws and regulations.


Internet Access


The best internet access now is a data SIM for a smartphone. You can then set your smartphone as a hotspot to service any tablet or computer. The data SIMs that are offered for rental ($20 for the trip)have 1.6 GB available and if you want more data, you can recharge anywhere in Maldives. Groups can also use one SIM if they are low users and are willing to share. Please let us know in advance your phone type if you require a SIM card for your trip so that we can ensure it will be available.


Surfing The Maldives


In general the Maldives rely on the same swell as Indonesia with the best and most consistent swells coming from April to October.  Swell size will likely peak from June to September when south swells from the southern Indian Ocean make their presence known on most of the exposed breaks. 


This is also the time of the southwest monsoon and many of the spots can see offshore conditions. The waves will normally range from 4-8 feet, with occasionally bigger days. 


February and March, considered the early part of the season will see fun surf and more stable weather but swells will vary, arriving in the small to medium size range. The same holds true for November when the season is coming to a close.




The North Male Atolls have been popular with surfers for quite some time thanks to a variety of spots that stay fairly consistent, especially in the prime summer months when south swells are in abundance. There is an assortment of spots scattered around these idyllic islands ranging from long points to hollow sucking barrels that can accommodate all levels of surfing. Although west to southwest winds are the norm at this time of year many of the breaks in this island reef chain are well protected and will remain clean, while others will be offshore.  Crowding can sometimes be an issue because of the relatively easy access of the breaks courtesy of the many boats in this wave rich zone and due to the resorts that shuttle surfers out to the breaks.


Cobia’s anchoring points: Himmafushi:  Jail break Kanifinolhu: Ninja & Lohi’s Thulusdhoo: Chickens & Cokes Thaburudhoo: Sultans / Honkeys





Long, peeling left pointbreak that is very fast.


More of a big wave spot with a nice barrel on the take off that doesn’t let up. Likes a mid to incoming tide.


A lefthander that gets super hollow on a big SE swell.


Mellow righthander which is perfect for beginners and long boarders.

Pasta Point

The celebrity wave of the Maldives is a really, long tubing left which picks up more swell. Has two challenging sections knows as “Macaroni Bowl” and “Lockjaws”.


A first class righthand point and one of the more consistent waves in the area. Has a nice take off and a super long wall with a great end section. Will peel for up to 150 yards.


Another long left hander that jumps in size as it turns and peels down the reef. Plenty of tube sections.


Super good righthander which can break up to 300 yards long on the right swell.







Sitting in the Indian Ocean the Maldives are a group of coral islands straddling the equator southwest of India and west of Sri Lanka. There are about 1,200 islands and roughly 200 of those are inhabited. These low lying islands, isolated reefs and sand spits make up part of a larger formation of 26 atolls that formed around the edges of sunken volcanic peaks.


The average size of the islands is only one to two kilometers in area and most are flat with white sandy beaches, crystal clear reefs and deep blue lagoons. They sit just 1.5 meters above sea level, and with the highest point being only 2.4 meters above sea level, the Maldives are considered the flattest country in the world.


There are many places around the globe that surfers would define as paradise and the Maldives is definitely at he top of the list. As a destination for surfing perfect waves over a crystal clear reef in a tropical setting it doesn’t get much better than this.


When Tony Hussein first came upon these islands in 1973 he was thinking the same thing yet the word didn’t get out for another 15 years about how good the Maldives really were. Eventually his discovery made its way through the surfing community and the Maldives were no longer just a destination for diving.


These idyllic tropical islands slowly began seeing a steady influx of surfers and they haven’t stopped coming since. While breaks in the northern atolls have gained most of the attention thanks to several resorts and charter boats that offer easier access, the central and southern atolls are where new discoveries are being made. The best way to reach these more distant locales is by charter boat, and while it might take just a bit longer to get there, you and your mates will likely be the only people in the water !!



The Maldives have a warm year round tropical climate and is influenced by two monsoons courtesy of the Indian subcontinent to the north.  The temperatures range from 25°C (77°F) to 33°C (90°F) throughout the year and there is an abundance of sunshine in this tropical paradise. The water temperature remains at about 26°C (80°F) all year round.


Passports: To enter the Maldives, a passport valid for six months is required by all nationals. Tourist visas for 30 days are issued on arrival only, and are free of charge to all visitors in possession of valid travel documents.



Getting Here



From Europe:

Direct flights form Frankfurt (Condor) and Paris (Air France)


From Asia:

Kuala-Lumpur (Air Asia), Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific), 

Bangalore, Dheli (Air India)

Bangkok (Maldivian)

Doha (Quatar Airways)

Singapore (Singapore Airlines and Silk Air)


Seasonal direct flights: 

Zurich (Edelweiss Air)

Frankfurt (Lufthansa)

London Heathrow (Srilankan Airlines)


Once you have landed in Male you will be picked up by your hosts and can simply relax and fall into surf adventure mode!




The charter boat trips run from April until November. There are trips of 7 and 10 days available. All the packages include:


✔ Airport meet & greet by ground services.

✔ Group return Male airport transfers. (Individual transfers at extra cost).

✔ Welcome pack.

✔ Air-conditioned twin cabin accommodation.

✔ All meals; tea & coffee and unlimited drinking water

✔ Western Surf Experience Manager.

✔ Expert surf guide.

✔ Use of on-board equipment basic snorkeling & fishing gear. (Equipment is basic hand lines and mask / snorkel; if you are wanting quality gear please feel free to bring your own with you).

✔ Maldivian US$6 per person/night Green Tax.




10 Nights Trips

2059 USD /person


28 Apr – 8 May (Central Atolls Laamu – Male) 

3 Jun – 13 Jun (Male Atolls)

26 Jul – 5 Aug (Male Atolls)

12 Oct – 22 Oct ( Laamu to Male Atolls) 

22 Oct – 1 Nov (Sunshine Girls Surf Trip – Male Atolls) 


7 Nights Trips

1441 USD/person


9 May – 16 May (Male Atolls)

26 May – 2 June (Male Atolls) 

13 Jun – 20 June (Male Atolls)

19 Jul – 26 Jul (Male Atolls)

23 Aug – 30 Aug (Male Atolls)

1 Nov – 8 Nov (Male Atolls)





  • Photography service. US$50 for 10 photos of your choice. US$100 for full suite of photos. Camera used is a Canon 70D SLR and photos will be taken from land, boat or tender.


  • Alcohol is available for purchase. If you have any special requests, please let us know well in advance and we will do our best to organize your favourite brand.


  • “All you can eat and drink” seafood & Champagne (Moët) buffet at Kandooma Resort on Wednesdays. The cost is about $110++ per person. Please note that this is only available when the boat is in South Male area (not available on Central/Southern Atolls trips).


  • 30-foot surf & dive dhoni – minimum 2 weeks notice.