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Lagundri Bay (The Point)

Lagundri Bay host one of the best surf spots in the world. Lagundri or The point, as the main wave is know, is a world class right-hander with hollow and predictable barrels breaking on top of a perfectly aligned coral. This wave is so perfect and mechanical that is usually ranked as one of the top 10 best waves in the globe. The consistency, easy paddle out through the keyhole, the small take-off zone, the quintessential almond shape barrels and the current from the channel that pushes you back to the line up makes this break so attractive that inevitably attracts some crowd. But don't be fooled by the set up, Lagundri is an extremely technical wave that requires expert barrel skills. When it's small it can be extraordinary playful but things get especially complicated when it's double overhead and the double ups forming on the line up makes the take off tremendously challenging. The waves break well from 3-15ft, with all tides, S-SW swells and northerly winds. 

Check surf pictures of Lagudri at #lagundribay.

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