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A 105ft Classic Indonesian Phinisi Surf Charter - Padang’s airport, Mentawai. Indonesia


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A 105ft Classic Indonesian Phinisi Surf Charter, the newest luxury boat to hit Mentawai. Generous cabins and all the comfort you could ask for it aims to deliver a unique experience in the best surf zone in the world.


We focus on surfing but there is much fun to be had out there, be it exploring the empty islands, snorkeling, paddle boarding, spearfishing or just having a relaxing time, you will have a trip to remember.


There are not many more boats like this one in the world. If you want to sail Mentawai the proper way, this is your chance. We are super experienced in the area and will assure you are always in the right place at the right time.


On the boat, you have much space for chilling and as much as you want of our great selection of food. We cater for groups and individuals alike. In the end, we don’t have customers, we make friends


No matter what your surfing level is, we will find you something good!


A 105ft Classic Indonesian Phinisi Surf Charter

Built-in 2017 in South Sulawesi, Indonesia for the beauty of being on a boat is that we always wake up right in front of pumping waves. Food, drinks, and barrels are all under our all you can handle policy.


Common areas

  • It has a large living room with 2 dining tables
  • An external lounge to hang out and watch the surf
  • Huge deck lounge and table Fitness equipment – 2x multifunctional pieces
  • 8 Soo Santai Sun beds on upper deck – Best sunset spot
  • 3 decks Big indoor living room with open kitchen
  • Amazing kitchen with 5 burner stainless steel gas oven, blender + all cooking equipment 2 Fridges and 1 Freezer
  • A total of 6 toilets onboard so no one has to wait around
  • Beautiful Tahitian influence decoration



  • We have 5 cabins and can host up to 12 guests for a charter trip.
  • All cabins have air con, very comfortable mattresses
  • 3 Private ensuites
  • A super deluxe cabin with 270 degrees ocean views, king-sized bed, private bathroom, and a comfy couch
  • A dorm room for 5 people with its own bathroom.


Fun toys

  • Spearfishing guns
  • 2 sea kayaks
  • 2 stand up paddles
  • A large shaded room dedicated to accommodating your boards, with direct access to the dinghy
  • Fishing gear
  • Powerful Bluetooth speakers
  • Tender for 9 people 40 hp Yamaha
  • Auxiliary dinghies to reach the surf.



All meals are chef prepared and fit to a king. We have a policy of keeping our guests well fed at all times. Please let us know if you’re a vegetarian/vegan so we can prepare.


Breakfast buffet: fruits, cereal, granola, milk, juice, coffee, bread, butter, cheese, jam, Nutella and honey.


Mid-morning: you can also order pancakes and omelets or eggs as you want to be cooked.


Lunch and dinners: fish, shrimp, squid, chicken or beef to vegetarian delicious recipes. Traditional Brazilian and Indo food pushing to healthy recipes. During and after dinner we all sit comfortably in the lounge and watch the pictures and footage from the day, this is one of the best things about being aboard. Guaranteed laughs and good vibes, topped with a chance for auto-criticism and insights for improvement.


All day long: You are welcome to help yourself all day for snacks and cold drinks, including the famous Bintang – Indonesia’s favorite beer. ​


Technical Specifications

  • 105ft overall
  • 24 m x 6 m deck
  • Draught: 2,7 m 2 masts
  • Engine: Mitsubishi 6D22
  • Power Supply: 1 generator 30 Kva and 1 generator 15 Kva
  • Diesel solar tank: 5000 L
  • Water tanks: 6000 L Watermaker – 140L/hour ​



While aboard, you will have a surf guide available to ensure you are always in the right spot. Please do bring your basic repair kit as Mentawai is known to ding boards. We also have a photographer/videomaker always on and recording your waves. Your footage and photos are available for purchase directly from him at the end of the trip.


You will spend 11 days chasing some of the best waves on the planet. Lefts, rights, mushy, hollow, long, short, a true playground for all levels of surfers, from beginners to professionals.


You will be surfing waves like Macaronis, Hollow Trees, E-Bay, Rifles, Hideaways, No Kandui, Nipussi, Greenbush, Thunders, among many other perfect spots in the islands. There are more than a hundred spots, a couple for almost any possible condition of swell, wind and tide. They are spread out in 4 main surf zones.


The surf guide will present the best options for the given conditions in that zone and the group can decide where to surf. ​ We usually sleep in calm, protected anchorages. Early in the morning, the boat is already in front of a spot according to the forecast.


You can hop on our dinghy and be dropped close to the take-off spot only moments after getting out of bed if you wish.

Other Activities

  • Kayaking
  • Stand up paddle
  • Fishing gear
  • Spearfishing
  • The water is transparent and warm, definitely bring your snorkel.



Mentawai needs no introduction, it is simply the best surf zone on the planet, the ultimate playground for all levels of surfers.


Our Journey starts from the port of Padang. From April until October, Mentawai is hit by consistent groundswells that form off the coast of South Africa and travel over a week to arrive from either a South or SouthWest influence.

Getting Here

To get there, please get a flight to Padang International Airport landing by 4pm. From the moment you touch down, we have you looked after.


The passengers will be taken to either a hotel, restaurant or surf shop until the boat gets ready to leave, usually after sunset. The board bags and big suitcases are taken straight to the boat, as part of the preparation for the crossing to Mentawai. ​ The crossing takes 10 to 14 hours over the Mentawai straight.


About getting to Padang – Sumatra: All major airlines fly to Indonesia. The major hub points to reach Padang are from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Double check your flights and if your airline charges for the boards. Note that you may have to stay overnight at one of the major cities before your flight to Padang. 


Travel Tips

  • Please check if your passport is valid and that it will have, at least 6 months at your entry date in Indonesia.
  • Make some copies of your passport and keep them in different places.
  • Double check your flights, especially the one arriving in Padang, Sumatra, from where the boat leaves.
  • Make sure you have sent all your flights details to us 
  • Please check online for the most current surfboard baggage policies.
  • Remember to keep your baggage tickets as airport staff may ask to see these in order for you to exit the terminal with your boards.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance with Trip Cost Protection is highly recommended. Travel insurance with inclusion for Medivac is mandatory. Please bring a printed copy of your policy with the insurer’s contact details.
  • Definitely do purchase a local SIM card. We recommend Telkomsel. For only $10 you get the SIM with enough internet credit for your whole stay. While aboard Maki in the Mentawai you get very limited signal, but you may be able to send and receive messages in certain locations. While in Padang you get 4G network. You can purchase it at the airport on arrival. ​
  • Please bring with your $75 in cash to cover the Mentawai tax. This is not for us, it is a fee that was introduced by Mentawai’s governor which requires each surfer to pay 1 Million Rupiah (around US$75) upon visiting the region. (Guests will pay it in Padang with cash money and a receipt will be provided.)
  • Absolutely no drugs of any kind tolerated. Foreigners caught with drugs may face capital punishment or life imprisonment. ​



Trip #  Arrival Departure   Nights  Reg Price Sale* Full Board
1 May 26 Jun 07  12 2500 1800 n/a
2 Jun 10 Jun 19 9 2900 2200 23000
3 Jun 21 Jul 1 10  3300 2600 25000
4 Jul 3 Jul 15 12  3500  2800  30000
5 Jul 17 Jul 29 12  3500  2800 30000 
6 Jul 31 Aug 12 12   3500  2800 30000 
7 Aug 14 Aug 26 12   3500  2800  n/a
8 Aug 28 Sep 9 12   3500  2800 n/a 
9 Sep 11 Sep 21 10   3300  2600 n/a 
10 Sep 23 Oct 2 10 3300   2600 25000 
11 Oct 4 Oct 14 10 3300  2600  25000 
12 Oct 16 Oct 24 8  2900 2200  22000 
13 Oct 25 Nov 4 10 3300   2600 25000 
14 Nov 6 Nov 16 10 3300  2600  25000 
15 Nov 18 Nov 28 10 3300  2200  25000 
16 Nov 30 Dec 10 10 3300  2600  25000
17 Dec 12 Dec 20 8 2900  2200   22000
18 Dec 22 Jan 2 10  3300 2600 28000 

*Pay by July

Prices per person in USD

Package includes

  • Pickup and return from Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, Sumatra. Transfers: Airport/ (Hotel) / Boat/ (Hotel) / Airport (it takes about 40 min from the airport to the Boat harbour).
  • A complimentary hotel stay in Padang in case the the guest arrives one day before departure*
  • 12 nights charter
  • Air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms
  • Use of all entertainment equipment on the boat (TV, speakers, DVD, books, games)
  • Top grade breakfast, lunch and dinner, and any snacks and fruits at anytime
  • Fresh Towels
  • Water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juices, soft drinks and bintangs
  • Use of all onboard equipment such as tender/dinghy, snorkelling, fishing gear, spearfishing gun, safety equipment, SUPs and Kayaks
  • Surf guide, skipper and crew onboard always ready to help

Package does not include

  • Air Tickets
  • Photo and Video Packages
  • Mentawai Tourism Tax (Rp.1.000.000)
  • Travel Insurance is mandatory on all of our charters for your safety. We ask each guest to present an insurance policy copy on arrival in Padang. It is very important to have it printed out, we will keep it safe and help you use it if there is an emergency.


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