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Santana Surf Charter - Sumatran island, Mentawai. Indonesia


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Santana Surf Charter Mentawai Indonesia

The amazing Vessel, Santana Laut, for a once in a life time surf experience.


Our crew is experienced and expert surf guides, they have been around Sumatran Islands for many years, you will never forget the experience on the best surf sports of Indonesia, surrounded by paradisical islands with white sand beaches and crystaline waters 


Come with us on this great experience! 


We are waiting for you on board.


Santana Surf Charter Mentawai Indonesia

Santana Laut Steel Charter Vessel built as a single screw fishing trawler and converted to a surf charter in 2015.


Large after deck, forward cabin saloon, and accommodations, lower forwarded accommodations, a top after work deck behind the wheelhouse. Propulsion is via a single 8 cylinder turbocharged marine keel cooled diesel.


All accommodation areas are fully Air Conditioned and fitted out to allow passenger comfort.

MAIN DECK 1 x 2 bed with ensuite 3 bathrooms

UPPER DECK 1 x master bed 1 double 1 single 1 ensuite

LOWER DECK 1 x 4 bed cabin 2 x 2 bed cabin 2 x 1 double cabin 


Boat description

BUILDER Australian Shipbuilding Industries, Fremantle, W.A.

SURVEY Western Australian Department of Transport (2008) BKI indonesia (2009/2011/2012)


LENGTH 21.38 meters

BREADTH 7.44 meters

DEPTH 3.98 meters

DRAFT 3.00 meters

CLASS USL 1B – 30 passengers included crew

GRT 223.18




TYPE Twin Disc





Auxiliary 1 1 x Perkins 4236 with 45 KWA (WEG)

Auxiliary 2 1 x Hino EH700, 85 KWA

Auxiliary 3 1 x Yanmar 12 KWA

Auxilliary4 1x Isuzu/Stanford 25 KVA (new 2012)

PROPELLER 3 Blade in Nozzle


AIR COMPRESSORS 1 X COLTRI MH/16 265 ltr/hr (new 2009)

DESALINATION 1 x Aqua pure desalt unit.

Upgraded to 3 membranes with pre filter approximately 9.000 liters/day.

EXHAUST Dry to atmospheres

ALARMS Fully alarmed machinery, engine room bilge and fire alarm system. Daly watch guard in wheelhouse.


The food and beverage offering onboard is amazing! Our meals are both healthy and tasty. Fresh fruit such as bananas, watermelon, mandarins, apples or papaya are available for you to help yourself at all times while aboard. As is tea, coffee, fruit juice, bottled water and soft drinks.


More Info


Served from 6.00 am to 9.00 am. Includes fruit salad, cereals, and yoggurt. After the morning surf guests can order Bacon and eggs, French toast, pancakes and omelettes.



Time vary from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. The menu changes daily and you will generally not eat the same meal twice during your stay. The lunch offerings may include fresh salads and cold meats, steak or fish sandwich, burgers, pastas, Mexican buffets or a traditional Indonesian dish.


Nothing better than a cold beer after a day on the ocean. Enjoy the perfect sunset on the top deck having delicious snacks or even sashimi, depending if any fish has been caught that day.


It is served around 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Grilled fresh fish, mud crabs, curries, crumbed or grilled fish, pasta dishes, pizza and a variety of fresh salads including green salads.



  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Tin boat tours
  • Beach days
  • Swimming
  • Village tours


Photography and video service can be organized upon on request for all trips according to availability. 3 weeks advanced booking is required.

Family / Children


Inside Activities

  • Board games provided
  • Cards
  • Movies


Outside Activities

  • Diving or jumping competitions off the boat. 
  • Exercise bike 


Off-board Activities

  • Stand up paddle boards
  • Fishing
  • Exploring on the tenders
  • Surfing. There are a lot of beach breaks that are suitable for children that are beginners or more advanced
  • Beach plays
  • Exploring the islands



Start the process as early as possible so you have time to check out a range of agencies or follow up on references for any independent sitter you plan to use.

If it’s convenient, try to meet the sitter even briefly before you leave or talk to them from home via Skype. You can check the sitter out and the kids will have a chance to meet him/her before the trip.




Banyak Islands

The area is home to some of the most fun waves on the planet. Best known for its right-hand reef /point break called Treasure Island widely regarded as one of the easiest waves in the world to get multiple barrels.



The surf there is ultra-consistent in the 3-5-foot range, with lefts and rights that work in all tides, and opposite wind directions virtually guaranteeing off-shores every day. Best of all, the variety of surf offers many options for all levels of surfers and equipment. In Telo Island, there are over 20 different waves



Waves vary in size from 2 to 12 foot with the average wave height being about 6 foot. The Mentawai Islands region can also get big swells with reports of up to 15 feet plus recording. They can range anywhere from fun-sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels. If can hold you’re own on a wave, whether you’re natural or goofy, this place has the wave for you. Even today you still have the opportunity to surf uncrowded waves as this area keeps producing quality lineups which are scattered amongst a vast array of reefs, point breaks, and secluded bays.

Getting Here

We recommend that you travel to Padang in Sumatra (port of departure) via Singapore and Jakarta.



You have to pay $USD35 for an entry Visa on arrival in Indonesia for a 30-day tourist Visa (check eligible nationalities ). This is done at the airport counter prior to immigration clearance, most airports do not have ATMs available. Please bring a minimum of $USD35 to pay this fee.


Travel Insurance

All guests must have full comprehensive travel and medical insurance, which should include at least a MedEvac option and compensation for lost charter days due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.



  • A passport with at least six months of validity remaining, including a valid visa (if upon arrival visa does not apply for you nationality) and one other form of identification 2 x COLOUR photocopies of your passport (photo page).
  • Airline tickets
  • Travel insurance information
  • Itinerary and other travel documents.
  • In case you misplace any vital documents you should also carry a back-up photocopy of your passport, I.D, and airline ticket with you at all times. Your registration forms must be returned to your booking agent at least 30 days prior to check in.

Dietary Requests

Must be done at least 2 two weeks prior arrival.


Health & Medication

Some prescription medication requires a note from your GP before international travel.

It is not an obligation, but we suggest you to take anti- malarial medication, update tetanus and hepatitis shots. We strongly urge all our guests to wear repellent at dawn and evenings if outdoors or on land.


Pack list

  • All documentation
  • Cash. Indonesia Rupiah, $US or $AUD
  • Boards: Most people bring 2-4 boards. The normal board you ride at home is fine and perhaps a slightly larger semi-gun. It is common to break boards, so it is a good idea to bring an extra board
  • Extra leg ropes
  • Cloth covers to protect your boards in the boats
  • Tropical surf wax.
  • Long-sleeved rash shirts
  • Spare fins and keys, spare plugs and screws if you have FCS system
  • 2- 3 pairs of board shorts
  • Some t-shirts / shirt or shawl for women (singlets are inappropriate in major towns & Muslim areas)
  • Loose long clothing (to protect against mosquitoes if you go outside at night and aboard Ratu Motu the salon is air-conditioned. Guest are expected to wear collared shirts when dining in saloon)
  • Booties (for surfing and beach combing over reefs)
  • Sand shoes (or booties for island exploration)
  • Solarez – the type with rovings in it
  • Sunscreen and lip balm 30+
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries (basics supplied per cabin)
  • Electronics: Notebook/tablet, camera phone and/or iPod, chargers & adaptors
  • A re-usable/non-disposable drink bottle to fill up from filtered water tap aboard. 
  • Fishing and diving gear (we supply these but you may prefer using your own)
  • Soft cloth board cover (to protect your board from impact, sun and wax damage during boat transfers to breaks)
  • First Aid Kit: pain relief, waterproof bandages and Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment, betadine (iodine), tweezers, syringes, mosquito repellent, sting ease, malaria medication, aqua ear and cotton buds, cold/flu tablets, multi vitamins, sports rub, motion sickness medication, general antibiotics, suture kit (for stiches), Imodium or charcoal tablets and personal medication.



4,200 AUD per person per 12 nights


  • All pickup and drop offs to the airport and vessel
  • 3 gourmet meals a day, snacks, drinks, beers
  • Use of SUP’s, fishing and snorkeling equipment.
  • A very professional crew and surf guide.


  • We also have a 21’center console speedboat to take guests on extended surf searches and fishing trips.



15.09 27.09
18.09 08.10
15.10 27.10
29.10 11.11
13.11 25.11
29.11 11.12


04.01 16.01
19.01 31.01
03.02 15.02
18.02 02.03
04.03 16.03
19.03 31.03
02.04 14.04
16.04 28.04
01.05 13.05
15.05 27.05
28.05 09.06
10.06 22.06
24.06 06.07
09.06 21.07
24.07 05.08
07.08 21.08
23.08 05.09
07.09 19.09
22.09 04.10
07.10 19.10
21.10 03.11
06.11 18.11


11.01 23.01
26.01 07.02
10.02 22.02
25.02 08.03
11.03 23.03
26.03 07.04
10.04 22.04
25.04 07.05
10.05 22.05
28.05 09.06
13.06 25.06
28.06 10.07
13.07 25.07
28.07 09.08
12.08 24.08
27.08 08.09
11.09 23.09
26.09 07.10
10.10 22.10
25.10 06.11
09.11 21.11
24.12 05.01


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