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Ajo Teens Camps - Ajo, Santander. Surf Camps in Spain


Cantabria Exclusive High Quality Teens Surf Camp Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

The Surf Camp is in private area of 12.000 square meters just near the beaches and a skate pool park. The childs can enjoy the security and private of big areas for doing all the activities. The accommodation is a new building just made by people with 35 years of experience in accommodation (the Camping Playa de Ajo owners) and done to give customers a special and high quality stay.


Our staff have more than 15 years giving lessons on surfing and care childs from 10 to 17 years old. Also, we collaborate with public school and other government organizations to give them surfing lessons, ecological awareness and so on. The teachers are certified in National Surf Coach Level I and II.


The style=”text-decoration: underline;”>maximum number of places for the camp is style=”text-decoration: underline;”>30, keeping an access exclusivity and allowing to give a personalized and high quality attention to the surf lessons, skate, etc. There are private parking if you want to bring the child yourself.


In our camp everything is designed to achieve maximum comfort for teenagers. Rooms and bathrooms divided by sexes and ages. 5 meals a day, barbecues, fruit and water available. Shared recreational areas: ping pong, darts, audiovisual, archery (safe), relax areas, reading, high speed wifi, etc. 2 lessons a day of 2 hours perfectly adapted to the level of surfing with a maximum ratio of 6 students per teacher. Dynamizing the rest of the days with activities with free time monitors: skate, longboard, slackline, beach volleyball, pipeboard, trekking, … 


We have the Seal of Sport Quality as a School that allows you to make evaluations to your students with the program of Degrees of Sports Evolution.


The camp is opening from last week of June to last week of July, both inclusive.Come with us and CERTIFY YOUR GRADE!






We have 6 adaptable rooms, separating children by sexes and ages. In the rooms area, there are two complete bathrooms by sexes with showers.

All rooms have bunk beds very comfortable with all bedding included, heating and air conditioning.



Our facilities are a specific accommodation built to develop surf camps. We are in the middle of two sand beaches with direct access to one of them and 200 meters from the other. Our childs go to the sea with the suits dressed from their rooms. And when back from water, they get into showers with warm water directly with their suits.


Common Areas

The build complex offers large outdoor areas to relax and to perform the activities and games (safe archery, slackline, beach volleyball,..). In addition, in the indoor common areas, there are zones to relax or play with other childs to some games: pìng pong, table games, dart game, … In all the facilities there is free wifi from 08:00 to 00:00 hours when the wifi is disconnected to guarantee the rest of the teens.



The meal is full board with four main meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. In addition, children always have healthy food at their disposal: fruits, juices, nuts, mineral water, etc. for when they come back from the water and they are hungry.
We work with the best catering companies for camps and schools in the region, guaranteeing meals adapted to the performance and demands of a sport such as surfing. If the child has any allergy or intolerance, the food can be adapted. Everything is included in the price.


Staff and special days

Our staff is very worried about the hapiness of our teens. They are focused in the integration of all the childs and in getting them values like promotion of sports, respect for the environment, coexistence, culture of the natural, slow food, …

One night in the camp we let the child do and collaborate in the preparation of the dinner, fostering relationships and self-esteem.

The last night there is a farewell barbecue with games and prizes.



Surf Lessons

our classes are very focused on the improvement and development of the level of surfing of our students, always with the premise of safety. the students are divided by age and level of surfing, dedicating an exclusive monitor for every 6 students.

The students have two lessons every day of two hours each. There is no “supervised” hours. Every lesson is just that, lesson.

All insurances and materials is included in the price.


Skate/Long board

We have a skate park just near our facilities. Some day in the week we go to the skatepark to do some lessons and to free practice with our skate and longboards. This material is included and is free for students when they want to practice.


Example Day

8.00 am – Breakfast

9.00 am – Surf Lessons (2 hours)

12:00 pm – Stretches

13:00 pm – Free time

14:00 pm – Lunch

16:00 pm – Surf Lessons (2 hours)

18:00 pm – Complementary activities (Skateboard, Beach voleyball, Slackline, Bádminton, football, skate – long board)

21:00 pm – dinner 

22:00 pm – Movies, reading…

23:00 pm – Time to sleep! 


In the free time, the childs have free access to wifi, multimedia, books and magazines, table games, ping-pong, skateboards, relax areas, etc. There are organized activities for those child that want: slackline, beach volley, football, longboarding, trekking, …



The camp is located in Ajo – Cantabria – Spain, a privileged area, with two beaches that receive the sea during the summer, guaranteeing optimal conditions for the initiation and improvement of our students. One of the beaches “Antuerta” is more sheltered and protected from the wind and sea sweels for students who start surfing and their first lessons. The big beach “Cuberris” receives a little more swell, ensuring waves every day of the year since in other locations in Spain there are no waves to be able to surf.

From these two beaches there is a National Surf Champion, Michel Velasco, that is part of our managers.


The camp is located in a quiet village, next to the beaches. Nearby there are restaurants and bars of nearby campsites, some hotel and ice cream shops. The town is 15 minutes walk where there are all services: supermarkets, pharmacies, surf shops, etc.

Getting Here


If the teen is coming by themselves, the best option is our private transfers from Bilbao and Santander Airports, train stations and bus stations. The transfer has an extra cost, but gives you the peace of mind and is the safety option. If you can choose, Santander Airport is only 35km far (25€ transfer/pax and travel), Bilbao is 90km far from the Camp (95€ transfer/pax and travel). If the transfers are shared with more people, the prices can be lowers.


By Plane

There are direct daily flights to the airports of Santander and Bilbao from Spain and Europe. Search on companies like AirEurope, Rynair, Iberia and Vueling.


By Bus

  • There is direct buses from Bilbao to Noja or Santander to Ajo. We transfer you from Noja and Ajo bus stops without any cost. Just let us know your arrival time and we will pick you up.
  • Check in Alsa website.


Price from 599 EUR per person


The Surf Camp includes:

  • 8 days of camp (7 accommodation nights).
  • 24 hours surf lessons : 2 hours at morning and 2 hours at afternoon. If the sea conditions are exceptionals, there are more hours of surfing.
  • 24 hours a day supervised by qualified monitors of free time and surf.
  • 7 days of Full Board: breakfasts, dinners, snacks, meals and always food and water availability.
  • Complementary activities: longboarding, beach volleyball, badminton, soccer, slackline, pipeboard, trekking, stretching, etc.
  • Theoretical classes on Surf: security, regulations, etc
  • Personal analysis on the progress, improvements, corrections and points to improve of each student.
  • Wifi and high speed Internet connection in all facilities: rooms, common areas, etc.
  • Movies, videos and multimedia about Surf.
  • Insurance of Civil Liability and Accidents.


The Surf Camps is from Saturday to Saturday with full costs included. We offer transfers from Santander (25€/pax) and Bilbao (95€/pax) for each transfer. If the transfers are shared with more people, the prices can be lowers.

Arrival from 18:00 hours. Please contact us if you arrive later than 23:00 hours.

Departure at 11 o’clock, adapting to the schedule if you must take airplanes or buses.



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