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Cacimba do Padre

Cacimba do Padre is a world class beach break located in the stunning island of Fernando de Noronha. When looked from above you can see the perfect waves breaking against two huge twin volcanic stones know as Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers). This surf spot is the most consistent in the island and host an annual contest that attracts many pro surfers. The waves at Cacimba do Padre are know for being fast and hollow with huge barrels. There are lefts and rights but the lefts are usually more wide open and perfect.  Cacimba do Padre is considered as a swell magnet and waves can reach up to 15ft during big NW-N swells. No matter what the size is there will always be barrels and usually broken boards since the waves are extremely powerful. Only recommended for advanced surfers looking for some intense rides.

Check surf pictures of Cacimba do Padre at #cacimbadopadre.

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