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Santa Maria Kite School - Cape Verde, Sal. Cape Verde


Santa Maria Kite School Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Our expertise and familiarity with the area will make sure to accommodate to the best conditions and have you kiting in no time. Our certified instructors follow IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) standards, we also provide transfers to and from the beaches and are at the forefront of safety and equipment by Core Kites.


We also provide accommodation just above our school which is very convenient, that includes breakfast just at the same location in our little and cosy cafe.  And if you want to take your time and  learn kitesurfing more intensively, we can plan your whole week, less or more – completely customised to your wishes, at our Kite Camp. We’ll have you covered from housing, to breakfast to lessons and trips.


If while you are here you feel like exploring we can arrange that as well. Half or full day trips to the best, cultural heritage sites from visiting “Blue Eye of Burracona”, to Salinas de Pedra de Lume or a stop at “The Shark Bay” and walk in the water with sharks.


Weather in Island of Sal ranges in between 23/28°C through out the year making it favorable for learning practically all year roundPerfect steady side on shore wind which is guaranteed from December to April.


We provide accommodation for our Kitesurf Camps.

  • 6 comfortable apartments
  • Ranging in size for 1-4 people
  • Including breakfast and cleaning service

The accommodation is located in Leme Bedje, very close to the beach of Antonio Sousa, just 50m from Angulo windsurf and Kitesurf Center. 



Windy season in Santa Maria starts during the dry season : from October to June and the best wind guaranteed from December to April. Average wind speed in these month is around 12 knots. The calmer time of year lasts from June to October with average wind speed of 9-10 knots.



We offer semi private and private lessons, for all ages and levels: for beginners to intermediate and advanced.

Beginners and intermediate:

Packages: 2 hours – 6 hours (3 sessions) – 10 hours (5 sessions) – 14 hours (7 sessions) 

  • First we start with the basics and how to work with the trainings kite on the beach.
  • Next step is going in the water to practice body dragging down- and up-wind.
  • Finally, when you are confident with the kite, you can practice the waterstart with the board at your feet.
  • By the end of your classes you will be able to enjoy your first ride, make transitions, and maybe even your first easy jumps
  • You will learn about the wind conditions, safety and kite rules, self-rescue, any what to do in any dangerous situation

Expert Wave Kitesurfing – Half-day (4 hours)

You are an expert in kitesurfing and want to try the wave kitesurfing, then this lesson is for you.

We will take you to the best and famous spots of Sal Island: Ponta Preta, Ali Baba, Secret Spot and more


You’re expert and independent in kitesurfing and want to enjoy a downwind.


  • Kite Beach to Santa Maria Beach ~ 5km – 1 hour
  • Pedra de Lume to Kite Beach ~ 20km – 3 hours
  • Murdeira to Ponta Preta ~ 20km – 3 hours


Kite Camp is the best way to do intensive kitesurfing here in Sal. We can plan a whole week for you (or less/more days) to enjoy kitesurfing, completely customised per your request. 


  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Kitesurfing lessons/rentals
  • Transfers to different spots


    Kite Spots

    Canoa Nice surfing spot for beginners, beach break
    Ponta Preta For experts, famous big right waves spot, reef break
    Ponta do Sino For intermediates to experts, off-shore, beach break
    Ponta Leme For intermediates to experts, left waves, reef break
    Ali Baba For real experts +++, right waves, reef break, pretty dangerous
    Kite beach THE spot to learn how to kite : constant strong side-on wind, with clear water and little waves
    Monte Leao For beginners to intermediates, nice surfing spot, beach break
    Secret spot  ​For beginners to experts, reef break


Lessons for all ages and levels.

We will teach you: the basics, how to position yourself on the board, how to paddle, how to stand up, how to enjoy a ride on the wave

Beginner: 1 hour and 2 hour sessions

Intermediate: 2 hour sessions


Let´s explore the island by 4×4 and visit the islands of Sal highlights:

  • Harbour of Palmeira, the big town of Espargos,
  • The village Pedra de Lume with its world famous Salinas de Pedra de Lume where you can float on the water, get salt and mud treatment or just take a nice walk around the crater.
  • Swim in another natural swimming pool –  Ojo Azul do Buracona (“Blue Eye of Buracona”), a beautiful underwater cage turning magic blue and turquoise by the sunlight, which can only be seen at noon when the sun is at its top.
  • Stop at the Shark Bay and walk into the water through the sharks




The accommodation is located in Leme Bedje is just 20 minutes ride away from the airport.

Very close to the beach of Antonio Sousa, just 50m from Angulo windsurf and Kitesurf Center. Just 15 minutes walk to Santa Maria Town Square and Market. 

Santa Maria area provides you great options of going for a walk, checking out local shops, enjoying cocktails on the beach or visiting one of the restaurants for lunch or dinner.


Getting Here

Leme Bedje is located only 17,6 km from the Amílcar Cabral International Airport.


Cape Verde is very well connected to Europe and Morocco.

The main companies flying are:

Thomas Cook and Thomson – From UK

Neos Air and Meridiana – From Italy

Condor – From Brussels

TUI – from Germany, Scandinavia, France, Holland

TAP – from Portugal


Kite Lessons


Including professional gear and transport to the spot

Duration Price Semi Private (2 people) Price Private (1 person)

2 hours

80 €/pers

120 €

6 hours (3 sessions of 2 hours)

210 €/pers

320 €

10 hours (5 sessions of 2 hours)

320 €/pers

480 €

 14 hours (7 sessions of 2 hours) 

450 €/pers

550 €

EXPERT WAVE KITESURFING – Half-day (4 hours)

Including transport to the spot

  Group of 3 Private

Without gear

80 €/pers


With gear

110 €/pers

180 €


Including transport to the spot

Route Group of maximum 4   Private

Kite Beach to Santa Maria Beach, 5 km

25 €/pers

50 €

Pedra de Lume to Kite Beach, 20 km

50 €/pers

100 €

Murdeira to Ponta Preta, 20 km

50 €/pers


Customised Kitesurfing Camp

For example : 1 week, 1 person, (breakfast included) :

Kitesurfing lessons + 1  room –> -15%  =  650€

Kitesurfing rentals + 1 room –> -15% = 463€


  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Kitesurfing lessons/rentals
  • Transfers to different spots

Contact us for a customised offer!

Kite Gear Rental 


All with


All with


Kite Twintip Surfboard

Half day

40 €

50 €

30 €

20 €

30 €

1 day

65 €

80 €

45 €

30 € 

45 €

3 days

140 €

170 €

95 €

55 €

95 €

5 days

195 €

240 €

135 €

75 €

135 €

7 days

230 €

295 €

165 €

90 €

160 €

Surf lessons

  1 hour session 2 hour session 






Surfboard Rent

Half day

20 €

All Day

35€ + each additional day 15 €


5€ per day

No Wind No Problem! Island Tour

Half day – 40€/person

Full day – 70 €/person




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