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Lobitos Surf Camp - Lobitos, Talara. Peru


Lobitos Surf Camp Overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

Peru still remains a secret spot within the surfing community. With year-round swells, miles of coastline and surf spots to choose from, inexpensive prices, and friendly locals, Peru is a destination that needs to be added to any surfer’s list.


The town of Lobitos is known for its amazing surfing, and the Lobitos Surf camp is an excellent accommodation during your stay.


The management at the Lobitos Surf camp believes, first and foremost, in customer service. Making guests feel at home is their utmost priority and this comes through in how they run everything at the hotel, from the accommodations to the dining.


Lobitos Surfcamp opened in 2009. The hotel has been designed cabana-style, with a wooden structure and glass doors.There are 10 rooms in the hotel. Each room comes with your own private bathroom, hot water, cable television, and Internet Wi-Fi. Although the hotel comes with modern amenities, the detailing within the hotel like straw roofs and bamboo furniture make one feel like they are truly on a tropical island paradise.


Meals are cooked onsite at Lobitos Surfcamp and can be included with your package. The chef at the surf camp specializes in fresh seafood and fish. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served at the camp. Load up on delicious food before heading out and catching waves. Like the surf, this is cuisine you won’t find anywhere else.


When you are not surfing, there is still plenty to do. The camp offers ping-pong tables and yoga classes. Relax on the beach in a hammock with a cold beer. Or, walk into the town of Lobitos and say hello to the friendly locals. The village is geared towards the surfing culture and everybody loves to chat. With endless sunshine, crystal clear waters, and sandy beaches, this is truly paradise.


The hotel is directly on the beach in Lobitos. Imagine, waking up in the morning, walking onto the beach and hitting the surf! There are many beaches to choose from. In less than 2 km, you can surf such popular destinations as El Hueco, Baterias, La Frontera, Piscinas and El Muelle.


Many beaches means that there is never a crowd at one single location!

  • El Hueco: This spot produces full barrels that you can ride in forever. This is one of the best spots in the area, with riding open all winter long. This spot breaks left and the bottom is sand and rock. Intermediate to advanced experienced riders only.
  • Baterias: A good option when El Hueco and Lobitos are not available. This is a left reefbreak that works year round.
  • La Frontera: This section is connected to El Hueco and is another great spot for surfing. Large waves, big tube riding.
  • Piscinas: This surf spot is located on a nearby military facility. With a sand and reef bottom, this is a fun area to catch some smaller waves. Novices can start out here.
  • El Muelle: A tubular beachbreak with year-round surfing. Intermediate experience is required.


Lobitos is a great destination for those who are looking to get away from the crowded surfing of many other locations. When a north swell comes in, surfers can expect breaks of 10 feet or more. With so many different surfing locations, you will have plenty of room to yourself. These are perfect conditions to surf and ride a barrel.


Unlike many destinations which have a surf season, Lobitos has great breaks all year long.


Bodyboarding, kitesurfing and other water sports are extremely popular in this area. Beginners through experts can all find something to satisfy them here.



Getting Here

The town of Lobitos is located in northern Peru, in Piura province, approximately 1000 km (620 mi) north of Lima.  

By Airplane

Take an international flight to Lima. Guests can take a direct flight from Lima to Talara on LAN Airlines. Purchase tickets here.


The flight from Lima to Talara is approximately two hours long. There is one flight a day. Once in Talara, guests will need to take a taxi to Lobitos. The trip is 25 minutes long and fare for a taxi is $15.


Flights also leave from the airport in Piura. There are several flights each day on LAN Airlines. From Piura to Lobitos, take a taxi. It takes two hours by taxi and costs $80.  

By Bus

There is also a bus service that runs from Lima to Talara, operated by Econociva. The buses are extremely comfortable and reliable, and travel through the scenic beauty of Peru. The bus trip is 18 hours long and costs $20. Purchase tickets here.


There is a variety of rooms and packages at the Lobitos surf camp.  


PACKAGES 7 nights Full board  7 nights + Board
 Single room  $238 $308
 Double room  $476 $616
 Matrimonial room  $476 $616
 Triple room  $670 $870
 Room for four  $840 $1090


All packages include:

  • 7 night stay in the beautiful bungalows located on the beach of Lobitos
  • Full board service (all meals prepared each day by the executive chef)



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