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Kalpitiya Island Kitesurf Hotel - Puttalam, North Western. Sri Lanka


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If you are looking for the perfect place to master kitesurfing, look no more. This kitesurf camp is located in Kalpitiya, the North West province, and is the main spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. In this kitesurf camp, you will learn to kitesurf in one of the best, most beautiful spots in the world! Located in a rural area, you will live side by side with the local people, which you will find friendly, welcoming and hospital. You will have the opportunity to enter into the Wilpattu National park, by boat, to discover the beauty of this park from the river shore. 


Our staff consist of profession IKO certified teachers and our equipment is due to the highest standards. We provide a various range of offers, to all level of kitesurfers. Our skilled staff will be with you from beginner to advanced. Rentals are possible. We also provide free storage of your own equipment. We offer boat rescue and support.


charming and small kitesurfing camp located in the small village of Setthawadiya neighborhood, between the Kitesurf Lagoon and the village of Kalpitiya. You will find yourself surrounded by rural, unspoiled nature, avoiding big tourist resorts and meet the real Sri Lankan culture. We provide quality and clean accommodation in our villa and in our four tropical chalets. Whether you come for kitesurfing or simply to discover the beauty of Kalpitiya, you will live a unique Sri Lankan experience!


We offer a great cancellation policy, including refunds on cancellation made due to wind conditions. But do not worry too much about this, we are located in one of the worlds most wind-proofed spots. Check out or cancellation policy!




Our tropical chalets

We also have four very charming tropical style chalets. Live a unique experience in one of our chalets. These quality rooms have both attached bathrooms and an indoor garden with a natural shower.


Our Villa

We are committed to guaranteeing your rest and comfort while offering a unique experience in a local style house and in an eco-tropical environment. Our Villa has 3 bedrooms, one equipped with a kitchen and a refrigerator. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of this place, a local style house with a lot of charm and a unique atmosphere


Shark Bar

Come and enjoy the best Sri Lankan food in our Shark Bar. The bar is where we serve your food, get our drinks, cuddle with the pets and play our guitar. We serve home-made traditional food, providing all the energy you will need for kiting!


Kalpitiya, the Kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka


Kalpitiya is n the only best place for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, but one of the best destinations in the world! The village of Kalpitiya is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean and the northernmost point of the peninsula of Kalpitiya, with strong winds during the months from May to October and from December to March.


Kalpitiya lagoon with its flat waters is ideal for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Indian Ocean, separated from the lake by a small strip of beach, it’s the best choice to navigate between waves with endless winds and sublime landscapes. Do you think it is a coincidence one of our favorite spots are called dream spot?


Imagine yourself getting into equipment and taking a one and a half hour trip to one of our tropical islands, during a downwind kite safari, how much better can it be? We arrange various kite-trips, going to different islands and we always go in groups. 


Rental equipment


If you are planning to come to Sri Lanka for kitesurfing and do not want to carry all your kiteboarding material, we provide a variety of kites, harnesses, and boards for rent at very competitive prices. We offer a personalized rental service and in the very rare event that it is not windy and you can not enjoy kitesurfing, we are not going to charge you for it! Kitesurfing instruction is also available, do not hesitate to contact us if you need kitesurfing lessons.

Kitesurf Sri Lanka


Actually, Kalpitiya is a paradise for lovers of this sport. In addition, natural and unspoiled environment makes this a unique place in the world. If you also are passionate about adventure, if you want to know the culture of Sri Lanka and its people and want new experiences, you cannot miss this idyllic place. As the tide is very low the lagoon is kiteable at all tides.


Kalpitiya kitesurfing spots

The main attraction for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is the flat and shallow water of the lagoons in the surrounding areas, as the Puttalam Lagoon, the Kalpitiya Lagoon or the Kappaladi Lagoon. There are many islands on the north of Kalpitiya too, with perfect spots for kitesurfing in flat waters, as Vella Island.


Furthermore, the Indian Ocean is also a perfect spot for wave riders from May to October. And it’s just that there are many places for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya!


The small lagoon of Kappaladi is located in a very beautiful area only 20 km south of the town of Kalpitiya. Either the flat and shallow water of the lagoon and the wind conditions make this place a very good kitesurfing spot for learning and for freestyle.

The Kalpitiya Lagoon, the most known spot and much bigger than the Kappaladi lagoon, is located very near to the town of Kalpitiya. This lagoon, located also in a very unique and safe environment, it is where the main kitesurfing schools are located.

In the vast Puttalam lagoon, there are no kitesurfing schools yet, but the constant wind, the subliminal landscape and the uniqueness of the place make this spot very special and one of the best places for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya.


Besides the lagoons of Kalpitiya, Puttalam, and Kappaladi, which all of them are flat water, the best kite spots are located on the islands north of Kalpitiya, Vella Island being the best! Vella Island is a tiny island that has the sea on one side and the flat water of the lagoon on the other. When it is windy, the freestyle conditions in this place are perfect.


However, Vella is not the right kite spot for someone learning, especially in the season from May to October, when the wind is offshore in the lagoon. This island is about 50 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya and it is possible to do a round trip in a single day.

For those who love kitesurfing in the sea, another place worth to mention is the Donkey Point, a cape located about 10 km south of the town of Kalpitiya, and it is the spot often chosen by people looking to navigate between the waves of the Indian Ocean.


Our beginner course is build up like this:


From the 1st to 3rd hour:


  • Intro to the wind and power
  • Set up the kite

  • Safety systems explanations and simulations

  • First piloting

  • Exploring the edge of the wind window

  • Flying Kite with one hand

  • Launching and landing

  • Walking with the kite on the beach


From 3rd to 6th hour:



  • Body dragging in the Water 
  • Body dragging downwind
  • Flying kite in power zone
  • Relaunch the kite from the water
  • Upwind body drag (one-handed)
  • Board recovery in deep water
  • Self-rescue and pack down


From 6th to 9th hour:


  • Water start theory
  • Steady pull with the kite
  • Water starts with both directions
  • Riding in both directions
  • Gaining speed on the board
  • Controlled stop
  • The right way of rules
  • Upwind riding


Other activities


We can organize countless trips around Sri Lanka, from one day up to two weeks or more. Thanks to the experience of our driver and the comfort of our vehicle, you will enjoy the island like no one else. Have a swim in unspoiled beaches, discover temples and ancient cities, enjoy unusual landscapes and observe nature in its purest form. If you like fishing, you will be able to fish with local fishermen in the surroundings of our camp. They will be more than happy to bring you along and show you their ancient art of fishing. 


Diving adventures in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is also one of the best areas of Sri Lanka for diving during the months from November to April. The reef has great biodiversity and a lot of places yet to be discovered and where you can see a lot of beautiful marine fauna such as butterfly fish, parrot fish or black tip sharks. The reef covers about 307 square kilometers and is ideal for novice divers. In addition, during these months, in the waters of Kalpitiya also you can sight whales and dolphins.


Sri Lanka Tours

We can organize countless trips around Sri Lanka, from one day up to two weeks or more. Thanks to the experience of our driver and the comfort of our vehicle, you will enjoy the island like no one else. Have a swim in unspoiled beaches, discover temples and ancient cities, enjoy unusual landscapes and observe nature in its purest form.


Each place of Sri Lanka is a magical and different place, where the diversity of cultures and the multitude of landscapes allow this island to have everything you need to live one of the best experiences of your life. Simply tell us what your idea of travel is and leave the rest to us.



Kalpitiya is a destination for Kitesurfers that’s growing really fast, and it’s just that this place gets everyone’s attention. Although more and more people come to do some kitsurfing every day, mass tourism has not yet arrived and the area is still to be developed in terms of tourism, making it a destination with a special beauty and with many kitesurfing spots to be discovered yet


It is located in Setthawadiya neighborhood, between kalpitiya town and the main spot for kitesurfing. From our place you will be very near to all the interesting places, as the fish markets, the dutch fort or the beach.

Getting Here

Kalpitiya is located to 165 km North from Colombo. You can get here by bus/car for about 3.5 hours drive. Public transport is available from Colombo to Puttalam. Get of in either Puttalam, or Palavi Junction and take one of the regular operating busses 80 LKR, 1,5h. Also you can hire a van with driver for 7000-8000 LKR from airport of Colombo.






Kite & learn pack

490 € p/p


What is included

✔ 9h course with IKO instructors

✔ 7 nights accommodation in a private tropical chalet with natural shower

✔ Full board basis – breakfast, meals and dinner

✔ Transfer from/to airport

✔ Transfers to kalpitiya lagoon



✔ Go fishing with local fishermen

✔ Become an English teacher for one day

✔ Available dates and prices

✔ Bicycles available free of charge (under request)

✔ During two seasons


From 20 Dec – 20 Mar and again from 20 May to 20 Oct


Kite & enjoy pack

315 € p/p


What is included

✔ 7 nights accommodation in a private tropical chalet with natural shower

✔ Half board basis – breakfast, meals and dinner

✔ Transfers to kalpitiya lagoon


Kite & discover pack

396 € p/p


What is included:

✔ 7 nights accommodation in a private tropical chalet.

✔ Full board basis – breakfast, meals and dinner

✔ Downwind trip Dream spot -Wilpattu National Park

✔ Vella Island day trip

✔ Kite trip to Kappaladi lagoon or Donkey point (to choose

✔ Transfers to kalpitiya lagoon


Carefree-packages for a maximum fun holiday – without hidden costs. So your expenses will be reduced to a minimum (just for rental, lunch, and drinks)


Airport transfers provided for an additional charge on request. 


For further information:



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