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Cook Island Romantic Accommodation with swimming pool and Sea view - Rarotonga, Cook Islands. New Zealand


Cook Islands Surf Camp Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Cook Island Romantic Accommodation are 2 stunning luxury villas with unique rock feature and golf / Ocean view. Only 250 m from the best wave on the island! Our surf coach and guide Eric is a professional surfer with 20 years of experience.


People can enjoy other activities like snorkelling, hiking, diving with turtles, fishing, whale watching and much more. We can accommodate 6 people max at the villas. they all are equipped with surf racks etc….


Everybody from experts to beginner,  experts or no sports person is welcome in our small paradise!


Yes, we are open all year round: weather and waves are perfect in Rarotonga!


Cook Island Romantic Accommodation

Private Luxury Villas with Swimming Pool, 250m from the beach.


Villa 1

  • Glass balcony
  • Ocean View
  • Microwave
  • Coffee machine
  • Deluxe bedding
  • Super-king bed
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Flat-screen
  • Movies
  • Air-conditioning
  • Wi-fi



Surf conditions are great all year round with 2 seasons and warm tropical water: November to April (Summer); May to October (Winter). Friendly local riders welcome visiting surfers and are always happy to share their local knowledge and stories.


Surf Spots

1 – Avana Passage


Avana passage offers 2 breaks on each side of the passage: a short fun left and on the other side a longer right-hander with sections. Access to the waves is very easy, you can see the 2 breaks from the public picnic area next to the main road and the old Church.


Avana is a classic surf wave, it offers a long wall not as full-on as some other Cook Islands reef breaks but still a challenging wave. It involves a small paddle from land and please be careful when jumping out, the rocks are a bit sharp.


Both Breaks love west winds and start breaking with 2-foot swells. If not sure about the conditions always ask the locals about the spot they will be happy to guide you.



2 – Golf Course / Socials


The wave can be fast, powerful and hollow… right-hander, left-hander, or both depending on the season. Socials break over a shallow coral reef like the majority of the other waves around. The wave has a few sections that require a certain level of expertise to master. Due to its consistency, it can get crowded sometimes. The wave can be offshore with E, SE, ESE, SSE winds and can be fun from one foot west swells.



3 – Matai Wreck


Matai Wreck is an ideal break for beginners and intermediates surfers on a coral reef. It is an exposed reef break that has inconsistent surf. Summer offers the best conditions for surfing with North Swells. Offshore winds are from the south. it’s not likely to be crowded.



4 – Rutaki Passage


Rutaki passage is the perfect playground for both advanced surfers and beginners. The right-hander is known for its fun barrels and consistent conditions. This surf break is best at mid to high tide with northeasterly winds. The left-hander creates a fun peak which is often hollow. The spot is beautiful with a view of the Needle and plenty wildlife (some turtles, whales, fish…)



5 – Avaavaroa Passage


If you’re looking for a great surfing spot in Rarotonga then don’t miss Avaavaroa right-hander. Avaavaroa picks up all south swell making awesome waves for all surfers. The right-hander is known for its fun wall waves and consistent conditions. This surf break is best at mid to high tide with northeasterly winds. 



6 – Rarotonga point


Definitely one of Rarotonga’s best waves. It is a perfect right and left-hander with perfect barrels followed by a long wall for a few hundred meters. Whilst you do need to have a certain level of skill to surf this wave, it’s not in the same league as Socials. It’s best to get here with the high tide as it is a long paddle from shore. This does seem to keep the crowds to a minimum though.



7 – Raro


Great spot. right and left breaking over shallow coral reef. guaranteed tubes. Low tides sucks it dry. The wave is more of a slab type wave, favored by bodyboarders, but can offer a few hits before you have to kick out. Offshore winds are from the south.



8 – Mex reef


Right and left barrels here depending on the swell angle, close to the shore Mex reef is very easy to find on the east coast. Westerly winds are absolutely offshore and the locals are great. If you have an old board it is better as you can leave these for the locals to surf on. (no surfing gear is available here).



9 – Kiikii


Short and fast wave, peaky takes off which can be backdoored! Its very shallow but its an incredible wave.. Breaks with North and Big South East swell Right and left barrels here depending on the swell angle, close to the shore Mex reef is very easy to find on the east coast.



10 – Edgewater


Definitely the most consistent wave on the island can be a right or a left-hander depending on the season. Edgewater is always offshore with East winds. A fun wave which is not very long. Quickly gets saturated when the swell goes beyond 2m. The wave is right in front of a resort, it is an amazing wave when the conditions are right.


Other Activities

All activities are private and for guests only.


  • Swimming pool
  • Golf
  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Hiking



People can walk to the beach, golf course, restaurants, grocery store from the accommodation.


With a car/ scooter people can go around the island and explore more!

Getting Here


By plane people fly to Rarotonga International Airport


Airport transfers are included


Your room may be available before 2 pm but this cannot be guaranteed. Guests on flights with early morning airport arrival times who wish to guarantee room availability prior to normal check-in time should book their room for the prior night.


Price is 500$NZD per night per villa, (meals not included)


Airport transfers are included


Check-in is from 2 pm

Check-out is 10 am.


Infant and Child Policy: We accept young travellers on request.


There is no onsite reception, however, our team is on call 24/7 to help with anything throughout your stay.


Payment Policy Rates quoted are in New Zealand Dollars and are per villa, per night based on occupancy by the number of 2 persons.


Prices are inclusive of VAT. 



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