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Surfing in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Yorkeshire is a english county located in the north of the country. Recently this area is becoming more popular among surfers due to the good exposure to north swells that come down from the Arctic and for the nice reef formations that dot the coast. There are also points and beach breaks that on the right conditions can turn into a perfect wave machine. The best time to surf in this area is during the wintertime but northern swells can happen at any time of the year. More and more surfers are prefering to surf in the northeast of England instead of the southwest even though the water temperature in this part of England can be much colder.


Best surf spots in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

The best surf spots are Carton Bay, Filey, Hornsea, Scarborough, Skegness, Sutton On Sea, Whitby and Withernsea.


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