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Surfing in Turkey Southwest Black Sea

The Black Sea Coastline of Turkey has 600 miles and the potential to produce waves on a regular basis throughout the whole year. The water in the Black Sea is cold and semi-fresh which means that buoyancy is reduced. Most of the waves generated in the Black Sea come from short period wind swells but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the waves are bad. They are just slightly less powerful than oceanic waves generated by strong ground swells which means they are perfect for beginners and intermediates. If you are looking for waves in this area we recommend checking the coastal road from Erikli to Sinop that has lots of surf spots and a big potential for unspoiled and uncrowded waves.


Best surf spots in Turkey Southwest Black Sea

The best surf spots in this area are Erikli, Sinop, Kastro, Koral, Karaburan and Suma Beach.


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