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Surfing in Thaa and Laamu Atolls

Thaa and Laamu Atolls are located in the center of the Maldives and are known for having less crowd than the Northern Atolls and incredible waves. The waves in these atolls are usually stronger and more powerful than in the north attracting advanced surfers looking to improve their barreling skills. The waves are usually slightly smaller but as consistent as the Northern Atolls and the best time to surf is during the summertime. The only way to explore this islands is with a surf charter so get ready to get on board and throw yourself into an lifetime adventure.


Best surf spots in Thaa and Laamu Atolls

The best surf spots are Vodi, Malik’s, Finnimas, Outside Mikado, Inside Mikado, Ying Yang, Refugee’s left and Right.


Check surf pictures of Thaa and Laamu Atolls at #surfmaldives.

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