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Surfing in Rio Grande do Norte

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the most beautiful states of the northeast of Brazil. The capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, is a famous holiday destination among brazilian and also tourists from all over the world that are attracted by the tropical beaches, the large white sand dunes and the super friendly people. The best surf area in the state is around Praia da Pipa. There you will find an extremely long right hander reef break and many other fun surf spots. This is also where the latest brazilian world champion Italo Ferreira comes from. He learned how to surf in the fun beach breaks of Baia Formosa and every year he goes back there to recharge his energies and reconnect with his roots.


Best surf spots in Rio Grande do Norte

The best and most famous surf spots are Baia Formosa, Ponta Negra and Praia da Pipa.


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