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Surfing in Pichilemu

Pichilemu is a small beach town located in the south of Chile. It’s a popular summer holiday destination and also a surfing paradise. With lots of left handers and plenty of swells coming from the South Pacific Ocean, Pichilemu is considered as an ideal destination for goofy footers. The consistency of waves is another factor that contributes to the fame of Pichilemu. A deep water trench just out of the coastline of South Chile funnels the swells that can arrive with full power at the coast. The result is that the waves are rarely below 3ft and flat days are almost non existing in this area. The best time to surf in Pichilemu is from December to February if you are looking for nice weather and mid size waves. The rest of the year the swells are always big peaking in June and July that is considered the tow-in season. Just remember that the water is always cold and a wetsuit is needed to surf at any time of the year.


Best surf spots in Pichilemu

The best and most famous surf spots are La Puntilla, El Infiernillo and Punta Lobos.


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