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Surfing in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is located in the pacific coast of Mexico and it’s home to the most famous mexican wave, Puerto Escondido. This incredible surf spot is located in Zicatela Beach and you probably already saw pictures of huge barrels breaking very close to the beach. This happens due to a deep water trench that funnels the swell straight into the beach with almost no loss of speed or size resulting in an explosion of raw power rarely seen. Usually called Mexican Pipe this beach break usually works better in the morning when the NE winds are blowing offshore helping to groom the waves and open the barrels. Often by midday Puerto Escondido is blown out by a strong southwest wind and the option is to move to the south of Zicatela beach and surf the good quality lefts of La Punta. Besides Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca still has lots of less popular waves that can be incredibly good and uncrowded. Salina Cruz for example has world class right handers that peel for many meters with multiple barrel sections along the way. The best time to surf in this area is from April to October when powerful swells consistently reach the pacific coast of Mexico. 


Best surf spots in Oaxaca

The best and most famous surf spots are Puerto Escondido, Barra de La Cruz, La Punta, La Bocana, Punta Conejo and San Augustin.


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