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Surfing in New South Wales

New South Wales is located on the southeast coast of Australia and it’s one of the most famous surfing areas in the world. With renowned surf towns like Byron Bay, Port Macquarie and Sydney this area has a vast amount of surf spots and an even bigger number of surfers. In order to find uncrowded waves you will need to travel and there is no better place to rent a van and cruise along the coast like Australia. Camping spots are super accessible and user-friendly and the roads are incredibly good everywhere you go. To the north of the state you will find iconic breaks like Byron Bay and Lennox Head. The Central coast of NSW is where Sydney and the popular Northern Beaches are located. To the south you have Wollongong, Aussie Pipe and many other less crowded surf spots that would take anyone a lifetime to surf them all. New South Wales receives plenty of swell through the winter and although summer can be inconsistent the area still gets some classic cyclone swells.


Best surf spots in New South Wales

There are many quality surf spots scattered all over the coast of NSW. The most famous surf spots are Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Port Macquire, Mainly, Bondi, Maroubra, Aussie Pipe, Coffs Harbour, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Shellharbour and Kiama.


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