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Surfing in Nayarit

Nayarit is a state located in the pacific coast of Mexico that is known for having picturesque scenery that mixes green lush jungles, mangroves and beautiful sandy beaches. Surfers have been exploring this area since the 60s when most of the coast was still undeveloped. Nowadays the infrastructure has arrived in this area making it easier to score some epic waves in San Blas, a long right hander located in Matanchen Bay that is considered as one of the longest waves in the world. The pacific coast of Mexico has great waves to offer and Nayarit has a good selection of waves that will please all kinds of surfers.


Best surf spots in Nayarit

The best and most famous surf spots are San Blas, Aticama, Hammerhead, La Lancha, El Anclote, Punta Burros, Punta Sayulita, Lolas, Las Islitas, Ostiones, San Pancho, Santa Cruz and Stoners.


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