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Mexico is bordered by the USA to the north and Guatemala to the south. The country is known by the exotics Mayans temples, amazing local food, tropical beaches and big variety of waves. 

For being located just above the equator line, Mexico is exposed to all directions of swells and no matter what time of the year it is, there are always waves. Surfers started to explore Mexico in the 60s, coming down from California in their vans. This road trip is one of the most classic surfer’s itinerary of all times.

Most of the tourists that are attracted to Mexico are searching for cheap and good food, cheap accommodations, exotic scenery, and warm weather.

In the same way, as Australia has Indonesia, the USA has Mexico. There is a constant feeling of adventure that makes you think you can do whatever you want at any time you want. After all, you are in Mexico.


Surfing in Mexico


Why surf in Mexico?

The variety of breaks in Mexico makes the country suitable for any kind of surfer. If you want big hollow waves you will find them in Puerto Escondido. There you can catch the best barrels of your life. If you want to relax in front of the beach and surf mellow head high waves, you will find your heaven destination at Punta Mita. The regular footers heaven is located at Salina Cruz. Every regular footer has to make a stop there and surf the best and longest right-hander barrels in the Americas. 

There are waves in this country all year round. During the summer the south swells are the most constant and they send waves from Oaxaca all the way to Baja California at the border with the US.

For Americans, Australians and Europeans it’s relative cheap to travel to Mexico. Depending on where you are, the ticket can be fairly cheap. Also, the cost of living in the country is considerably lower than in the first world countries.


Climate in Mexico

The country has many types of different climates, but the temperature always stays between 17-30 degrees Celsius in the majority of the territory.

In the deserts of Baja California, the days can be extremely hot and the nights freezing cold. In cities on the coast, like Puerto Escondido and Punta Mita, the weather is more mild with less variation of the temperature.

The summer is from April through September and there is almost no rainfall at all. From October to March it’s winter. This time of the year is typically humid and hot. Most of the time it only rains late in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that the hurricane season is from June to November.


Best time to go


Surfing in summer in Mexico

During the summer (April to September) there are consistent swells coming from SW. Be prepared for some tropical storm swells at this time of the year that can be quiet powerful. There are many options of reef breaks, sand bars, and point breaks in Mexico. No matter what level of surfing you are in, there will be a surf spot suitable for you. 

Wind patterns are the same all year round.


Surfing in winter in Mexico

In this period of the year, the southern pacific has less activity. From October to March it’s better to visit the northern coast where there are consistent W and NW swells coming from the north Pacific. Wind patterns are the same the whole year-round. The only difference is that the late afternoons can be glassed by the occasional rain.


Main Surfing areas in Mexico


Baja California

Located right below the border with the US, this peninsula has miles of empty beaches full of line ups ready to be surfed. There are two main highways on each coast which makes this destination perfect to be explored by car. Going on a surf trip like this by car is a part of the surfing culture since the 60s.



This surf spot is one of the best in the area. The break faces to the south but will capture swell from any direction. The bottom is made of cobblestones. The best waves are to the right but there are also lefts to be surfed. If you go left be careful with the shallow sections on the inside.



This reef break next to a shipwreck has consistent waves because it’s fairly exposed to lots of swell directions. During the summer the offshore winds will blow from the northwest making it the best time to surf this break.


Baja California

This long stretch of beach has many waves breaking on top of a sandy bottom. The offshore wind coming from the east groom the waves making some amazing barrels. Surf is pretty consistent here, but the best time of the year is during the summer. The proximity to the city can make the water dirty when there is a lot of rain.


Los Cabos

This fun beach break host many surf competitions throughout the year. The waves can be small and fun or also get huge when a hurricane swell approaches the coast. Beautiful crystal clear water and surroundings make this beach a perfect spot for a family vacation.



This is probably the most famous surfing area in the country. The heavy waves of Puerto Escondido and the perfect point breaks of Salina Cruz makes this area very popular among surfers of all over the world.

Puerto Escondido

This surf spot Is probably the most famous in the country and is also known as “Mexican Pipe”. The wave range at this beach is huge and waves can get up to 20 ft high. The bottom is sandy and produces some of the hollowest barrels you will ever see. Bellow 6ft the waves closeouts in a shore break. The best conditions are in between 6ft-8ft.


Barra de La Cruz

After the world tour made a contest at this mechanical right, a flock of surfers chases the perfect barrels of Salina Cruz. The sandy bottom next to the rocks produces a magnificent point break that will make any surfer happy for days.


Riviera Nayarit

This part of the coast it’s extremely beautiful with lush green jungles, amazing scenery and perfect waves. The pristine coastline has reef breaks scattered around the beaches. All you have to do is finding the perfect one for your level of surfing.

Puerto Vallarta and Punta Mita

These places are is known for mellow reef breaks, perfect for those who want to learn or just have fun. These surf spots are mostly uncrowded making it perfect for beginners to feel comfortable in the water.


The south end of the beach is better suited for longboarders and beginners seeking smaller waves. At the center and to the north of the beach there are reef breaks with larger waves for those who want to push their limits. The beach has a lively atmosphere with exotic scenery to be appreciated while surfing some tropical waves.


Surfing in Mexico: what is your traveling style?


Luxury / Nice / Upscale Surfing in Mexico

In Sayulita, only 45 min from Puerto Vallarta International Airport, there is a hotel that will take your breath away. Nestled at the south corner of the picturesque Sayulita Bay, this hotel has 26 oceanfront villas facing the Pacific ocean. The place has a rhythm of organic architecture mixed with natural beauty and exquisite scenery. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, and a heated infinity-edge swimming pool. All the facilities of the hotel are designed to have comfort combined with style and luxury. The area is known for amazing black and white sand beaches and for amazing surf conditions. Most villas have stunning views either from the coastline or the lush green jungle hillsides.

Price per night can be around 150-300 USD.


Budget Surfing in Mexico

From free camping zones to amazing hostels, you can find any kind of accommodation in Mexico. If you are on a budget you can find something in between that will suit your pocket perfectly. You will be able to have a nice getaway to surf some perfect waves without spending a fortune. And after all, the waves are already for free. At Puerto Escondido, you can stay in a charming Surf Camp Beach House located near the most famous surf spots in the area. At this accommodation, they offer many sorts of activities, including surf camps and Spanish lessons. This place is perfect for those who want to learn how to surf or for advanced surfers who want some coaching to improve their skills during their vacations while learning some Spanish.

1 WEEK SURF CAMP AND STAY – 420 USD/pers (60 USD/day)


Kids and Teen Surf Camps

There is a surf paradise in Mexico in Punta Mita. It’s located at the picturesque Riviera Nayarit. What makes this place so special for learning how to surf is the uncrowded mellow reef and sand breaks. The Surf Camps programs, with the all-inclusive packages, will provide everything you need in order to learn how to surf in a secure and exciting way. You can choose to stay in a luxury hotel in front of a white sand beach that will provide you all the comfort you will need to relax and surf as much as you want. Or, if you prefer a young and exciting environment, you can stay in a hostel just a couple hundred meters from the beach.

Prices range between $650 USD to $1,215 USD for a standard 6-night Surf & Stay Vacation



Surf trip to Mexico with the boys again? Why not? Mexico has some amazing long beach breaks that can spread the crowd around you making it easy to find a surf spot to surf just with your friends. The variety of waves you can find in the same region makes it suitable for any level of surfer. The advantage of traveling in a group is that if the surf is not pumping, you can always let time pass by having a barbecue and taking a couple of shots of tequila with your mates. Ariba, ariba hermanos!


Mexico Travelling Guide

Packing and equipment: what should I pack for a surf holiday in Mexico

Mexico has a diversity of weather. If you are just going to the beach you shouldn’t worry about heavy clothes. If you, on the other hand, want to explore the mountains after your week of surfing, you should think about bringing your poncho and your boots hermano since the temperature gets lower the higher you go above the sea level. It can get really cold in Baja California’s deserts as well. 

The days are usually crazy hot and during the nights the temperature drops drastically. 

Travelers coming from Australia or Europe will need an electrical adaptor. Mexico’s electrical standards follow US standards with two flat parallel pins.


Basic Info about Mexico

Mexico is a Latin American country known to have a strong religious population. Most of the Mexicans are Catholics and they go to church every Sunday. Siesta is a national tradition, so be patient in the afternoons if you have to get something done. The national language is Spanish but English is largely spoken in touristic areas and larger cities. The currency is Mexican Peso and the rates are 1 USD = 20 MXN.


Before Going to Mexico


Visa / Documents

Vaccines / Health


Getting to Mexico

Mexico has a few gateways to enter the country. If you are from California it will be the easiest trip of your life getting to Mexico. Just pack your car, go across the border and go south on the highway into the desert.

If you are flying into the country you should carefully choose which airport to arrive in with consideration of your final destination. There are three main international airports that will make your life easier: Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

If you are going to Salina Cruz or to Puerto Escondido we recommend you to go to Oaxaca International Airport. If Punta Mita is your final destination it’s better to fly to Puerto Vallarta Airport.


Moving Around Mexico

As said before, road trips to Mexico have always been a part of the surfing culture. Surfers from South California used to cross the border in search of perfect waves and empty line ups. Baja California has two amazing highways straight at the coast that makes it easy and safe to explore it well by car. 

Mexico is the 5th biggest country in America, so if you want to move long distances in the country you definitely need to fly. From these above-mentioned airports, you can easily find transfers to Punta Mita, Puerto Escondido or any other destination of your choice.


Budget Planning


Other things to do while Surfing in Mexico


Eat local food and discover Mexico’s famous national dishes


Forget what you think you know about Mexican food. It’s way better than you ever imagined. The local Mexican food is all about spiciness and exotic flavors. You can have vegan burritos in the morning to keep your energy high during the day.  After coming out of a surf session you can have some seafood fajitas while sipping on a margarita. Beef tacos for dinner and a couple of tequila shots watching the sunset. A perfect day! Mexican food will never be the same after you go back home.


Sightseeing – Culture in Mexico


Mexico has stunning scenery with green lush tropical forests and huge Mayan and Aztec temples and ruins, especially at the Yucatan Peninsula near Guatemala. The most famous and impressive temples are:

Chichen Itza, near Cancun. Easy to make it a day trip.

Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Coba is open for the public and you can climb the 130 steps up to the top of the pyramid.

Teotihuacan is probably the most impressive temple in Mexico. It has two enormous pyramids called the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the moon.

Tulum is an incredibly beautiful city on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s known for perfect white sand beaches and extremely well conserved Mayan temples.

If you have a day in Mexico City you should visit the historic center. It has some beautiful old constructions full of stories to be told. Other activity in the city is to watch the Lucha Libre traditional fights.

Type of Risks – 120-150 words

Is Mexico a safe country to travel around? Yes! As long as you stay aware and follow a few tips you will be perfectly fine. 

The government has been putting a lot of effort and resources to fight against violent drug cartels. For example, Mexico City has a very good ratio of police per citizen at 1:100. But like any other big city, also Mexico City has parts that should be avoided, especially at night.  

Always research the area you are visiting. The well-known tourism areas for surfers are normally very safe. Oaxaca, Baja California and the Riviera Nayarit are the safest ones.

Avoid traveling at night in big cities like Tijuana. If you are on the road and it’s getting late it’s a good idea to find a nice hotel to spend the night in.

Be aware of any kind of scams like fake callings or credit card cloning. Always go to safe ATMs at shopping malls or gas stations. Avoid taking a cab from the street at night. Uber, on the other hand, works fine in Mexico. Pickpockets are most common in crowded areas.

Never leave any belongings unattended, especially your cell phone or your backpack.

Always camp in an established camping area where you are not alone or unprotected.


How to Prepare

If you are going to charge on some seriously big waves in Puerto Escondido, all we can wish you is luck. If you want to have an easy-going surf trip we can give you some tips on how to make the most of it.

It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit with lots of band-aids and betadine. Minor injuries usually happen while surfing and it’s always good to be prepared. 

Before a surf trip, it’s important to get yourself paddle fit. Remember that the wind usually picks up at midday and that you enjoy the best surf conditions every day in the morning.

Before going on a trip you can check the forecast to see what the waves are going to be like. This way you can pack the most suitable boards for your trip. Here are some links to check the surf in Mexico:



A medical emergency can be a serious problem on your vacation. If you plan ahead and are prepared for anything, you can save a lot of time and stress. Private hospitals can be very expensive, especially if you don’t have travel insurance. The good news is that the hospitals are very well equipped and have great doctors and specialists. 

If you are going to travel a lot by car you should make sure you give your vehicle a good check before taking off. A flat tire or a dented rim in the middle of the highway is never pleasant. 


Here are some helpful contacts for your trip to Mexico:


Hospital Salina Cruz

Hospital in Salina Cruz, Mexico

Address: Virgilio Uribe N/A, Heroes de Nacosari, 70902 Salina Cruz, OAX, Mexico

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +52 971 714 0740


Punta Mita Hospital

Ramal Carretera Federal 200 KM 19 No. 1

+52 329 688 0068

Open 24 hours



Servicio Médico De La Bahía Punta Mita

5.0  (4) · Medical Center

Carretera Federal la Cruz de Huanacaxtle – Punta de Mita Km 18, Punta de Mita

Open 24 hours



Hospital in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Address: 1 PONIENTE SIN NUMERO SECTOR JUAREZ, entre 1a y 2a Norte, 71984 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +52 954 582 0425



Address: Sexta Norte Esquina Primera Oriente, Sector Reforma, 71980 Puerto Escondido, Mexico


Open 24 hours

Phone: +52 954 104 2270

Baja California Highways Emergency Toll-Free Numbers:

* 01 800 990 3900: Tijuana – Ensenada & El Hongo – La Rumorosa Toll Roads

* 01 800 888 0911: Tijuana – Tecate Toll Road

Baja Crime Hotline: 866-201-5060 — To report a crime or if you need help.


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