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Surfing in Mainland Italy

The mainland of Italy has lots of good quality waves due to the good exposure to a vast amount of swell directions. With 5000 kilometers of coastline, the mainland hosts a big variety of setups that can produce some incredible gems. Most surfers think that the Mediterranean Sea lacks power and only has small windswells, but solid conditions are not unusual on the italian coast and the waves can reach up to 12ft on an epic day. The best time to surf is definitely during winter, but there will be sporadic waves from autumn through to spring.


Best surf spots in Mainland Italy

There are waves scattered all over the coast of Mainland Italy. The best and most famous surf spots area Lido Di Ostia, Levanto, Artiglieria, Banzai, Sant’Agostino, Lido Garda, La Roccetta, Serapo, La Chiesa and La Spiaggia.


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