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Surfing in Madeira

Madeira is part of a Portuguese archipelago composed of 4 islands located 1,200 km southwest of mainland Portugal. The best surfing area is situated on the southwest coast of the main island of Madeira. Most surf spots in the archipelago are powerful and challenging requiring advanced skills to be surfed. There are no beach breaks or gentle waves in Madeira Island so this trip is recommended to expert surfers only. The best time to surf in the archipelago is from October to March. Summertime is usually inconsistent since the islands are protected from southern atlantic swells by mainland Africa.


Best surf spots in Madeira

The best surf spots are Achadas da Cruz, Fajã da Areia, Jardim do Mar, Lugar de Baixo, Machico, Madalena do Mar, Ponta do Tristão, Ponta Raul.Ribeira da Janela and Porto da Cruz.


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