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Surfing in Hossegor

Hossegor is located in the southwest of France in the Landes department. This surf town is known for having the best waves in France and maybe in Europe. With long stretches of sand and powerful barrels the area attracts surfers from all over the world. The deep water trench known as ”Fosse de Capbreton” funnels the swells directly to the shores of Hossegor and helps to create the extra strong waves that don’t lose any speed or power before breaking on the sandbars. Hossegor has a great amount of surfers but on good surfing days the beaches are so long that they can absorb the crowd that spreads away from the main access points. The best time to visit is during summer and autumn when the climate is pleasant and the winds a lighter, but if you don’t mind the cold weather there are waves all year round. Hossegor is the cultural home of surfing in France and it’s the headquarters of the most famous surf brands in the world. If you want to visit and surf in France this is definitely the place to go. 


Best surf spots in Hossegor

The best and most famous surf spots are La Nord, La Sud, Capbreton, Casernes, La Graviere, Le Culs Nus, Les Estagnots and L’Estacade.


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