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Surfing in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is located in the Canary Island just off the northwestern coast of Africa. The island is known for having black lava and wihte sand beaches that can produce a big variety of beach and reef breaks. The main surfing area in the Gran Canaria is situated around Las Canteras, from El Confital to El Lloret. The northern coast of the island is the most consistent and exposed part of Gran Canaria to summer swells. It's considered as a surf magnet and during summer beaches like Los Enanos, El Roque and Vagabundos can be the only surfable places in the island. The east coast offers good conditions throughout the entire year since the surf spots on this side of Gran Canaria can handle the northeast trade winds pretty well. The best time of the year to surf in Gran Canaria is from autumn to winter when solid swells create powerful and perfect waves in any coast of the island.


Best surf spots in Gran Canaria

The best surf spots are Arguineguín, El Confital, El Lloret, La Cicer, Playa del Hombre, Playa del Inglés, El Enanos, El Roque and Vagabundos.


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