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Surfing in Eastern Russia

Eastern Russia is home to the best waves in the motherland. The Kamchatka Peninsula located 4000 miles east of Moscow is known for having the most consistent and best quality waves you can find in Russia and a small crew of crazy surfers are spreading the word about this odd but amazing place to surf. The cold weather doesn't stop them from surfing almost everyday even though the water temperature never gets higher than 10°C. The beautiful landscape that include backdrops with active volcanoes make this one of the most unique surf destinations in the world.


Best surf spots in Eastern Russia

The best surf spots in Eastern Russia are Ahlestisheva, Alibi, AStaf’eva Bay, Bukhta Sobol, Buis Station, Chernishova, Gluhoe, Kasatka Bay, Lesnoye, Mirrow, Red Stones, Tikhaya Bay, Trudniy and Yablochnoye.


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