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Surfing in East Coast Bali

With some many world class waves on the south part of the island it is easy to underestimate the East Coast of Bali, but this side of the island has some amazing right handers that will blow any surfers mind. For the past couple years the WT had a contest at Keramas, which is probably the crown jewel of the East Coast of Bali. This mechanical right handers can be extremely rippable on smaller days and produce magical barrels when it gets bigger. Besides Keramas the East Coast has many other surf spots like Hyat Reef, Sanur Reef, KFC and Klotok. The northeast trade winds that blow during most time of the year are onshore on this side of the island so early mornings or wet season glassy days are the best optimal time to venture yourself on the East Coast of Bali.


Best surf spots in East Coast Bali

The best surf spots are Keramas, KFC, Sanur Reef, Hyat Reef, Klotok, Serangan, Cucukan and Ketewel.


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